31 December 2008


Arrgh! My earmuffs left a stain on my new cream colored fleece jcket! Grr! Stoopid earmuffs. )o:

27 December 2008


Here's PY with one of my KY scarf creations on the platform of the 7 train at 5th Ave & Bryant Park.


Here's my first amigarumi. And those of you who are wondering it's a cat. Lol.

25 December 2008

Here it is y'all.  Christmas dinner.

Sitting down for dinner.

Hokkien Mee - White Chicken - Mayonaise Shrimp - Steamed Red Snapper
Stewed Short Ribs - Clams with Black Bean Sauce

And don't forget the Bird's Nest Soup

We had a Junior's Srawberry Cheesecake for dessert but it was half gone before I got to take a pic of it.  Lol.  Just take my word for it, it was yummy!

X-Mas gift!

How cute!


This is me waiting for the laptop to boot up. Zzz.

24 December 2008

PY & KY Day

So PY and I had an awesome day yesterday.  Yay!  We went shopping then had dinner at Markt.  A Belgian restaurant in Chelsea.  I originally thought it was in the Meatpacking District but I couldn't find it.  Then I realized that they moved!  Up to Chelsea.  We found it nonetheless and had a wonderful dinner.

  • Appetizers - Mixed greens with goat cheese, Mac and cheese with a Panco crust, and a smoked asparagus soup.  We of course shared all these yummy appetizers.
  • We both ordered a healthy serving of mussels.  Mine was with a garlic and cream sauce, while PY had the one with the tomato, basil, onions and peppers.
  • Dessert!  At this point we were so stuffed that I couldn't even finish a whole one myself! Amazing for someone like me who loooooves to eat.  Hehehe.  We had a chocolate tart with homemade pistachio ice cream.  So awesome.  Mmm, I'll bring the bf here when things slow down for him at work.  Least he will be able to enjoy it then.  
Our day also consisted of shopping!  Yay!  Glorious shopping!  I was quite good and didn't spend too much money yesterday.  Bought some stuf at Old Navy, and a really cool looking sweater at Banana.  I'll follow up with pics as I wear them.  Of course since I went shopping I had to do the closet cleaning ritual to make room for my new purchases.  PY of course made out like a bandit at the Miu Miu store.  She ended up buying a beautiful ready-to-wear sequined dress.  The image below is part of the same collection but not the same exact dress.  The she had purchased is a more fitted cut with cap sleeves.  It was a bargain she couldn't resist.  60% off!

At the end of the day I went to sleep full and happy.  I had an awesome day with my bestest friend and we both found good deals to boot.

20 December 2008

Few More Days 'Til Christmas

It's Saturday and just a few more days 'til Christmas. Penny, my sister and best friend, is arriving tonight around dinnertime. I'm excited and can't wait to spend some time again just walking around the city with her. We have a PY & KY day and dinner planned. I can't wait for that day as well. Haven't done much research on places to eat but I'm sure there are tons of restaurants down in the meatpacking district to go and try. Maybe we'll go on line tonight or tomorrow and see what's there.
I was hoping to be able to wear my new boots but the snow is preventing me from doing so. Poo poo on snow! Oh well. There's always next week. I hope the weather isn't too bad. I'm going to follow Penny's resolution and not treat my nice things as little treasures and save them for "special occasions." This year I will promise to:
1. use my nice things simply because they are nice and they should be used
2. stick to my diet plan and do the cleansing process once a month until I lose the weight I want.
3. the rest of the year is to try to keep it all off!
4. last but not least make a lifetime resolution to always make an effort to look my best because I know I can look good!

19 December 2008

Finally Done!

Today is the first day I can have salad and some fruit. I can't wait until tomorrow when I can eat real food. I'm happy with the results as I said yesterday. So there really isn't much more to say about the "cleansing" process. (o:
Tomorrow Penny comes home and I'm really happy about that. I'm taking vacation days again so I can spend time with her and also do some family bonding.. not sure how the family bonnding will go but I'm happy Penny and I will get to spend some PY & KY time in the city. Need a break from the family.
I have lots of plans and resolutions to stick by this coming year and I hope it all goes smoothly and as planned. I think right now I am relatively happy asides from my living conditions but that I've dealt with for quite some time now so it's just a matter of grinning and bearing it until I make some changes in the coming year.

18 December 2008

The Day After Yesterday

Yay! Finally done! Ten days later, 9lbs lighter and feeling svelt. Not sure if I'm looking so svelt but I feel lighter, some of my pants are looser and the bf noticed. Lol. I'm good.

I am a natural complainer. So naturally I had a lot of complaints along the way but all in all it wasn't THAT horrible. So since I'm liking the results and haven't come down with any weird diseases or illnesses during this period I will continue to do this for a week once a month until I get down to the weight where I'm comfortable. (That's 30lbs lighter than I am now.) I think I can do it. Not unrealistic if you ask me.

Again I have to stress to all who are reading this that doing this "cleansingo process is not for everyone. I canlt stress enough if you're top generally healthy I wouldn't think of doing this. I also can't agree with a lot of what he says in the book. He doesn't believe we need to eat meat. I'm a big fan of steak and pork. I have a weakness for super salty and sweet. Hence my extra paddings. In the end of it all I think living with a healthy balanced diet and getting enough exercise is best for everyone.

What's for dinner?!? I'm starving!

17 December 2008

Master cleanser - Day Ten!

Whooo weee. Finally day ten. I have to say the first few days were really trying. Cutting out the coffee then the headaches then the lack of energy... it sure was a lot to do for me. For anyone in fact. I'm glad it's over. I don't know if my system is cleaner but I am 10lbs lighter. I'll see how it goes after the holidays. Maybe I'll continue to do this until I lose all the weight I want. I think the challenge is to keep the pounds off in between fasting periods.

So they say it's unhealthy to do this. I say that everyone has their own theory on all these different "diets." I think the most important thing before trying any of these is to make sure you know your body and know what your system can take. I know I could do this because I know that I was relatively healthy to begin with. Some have weak immune systems and I say this is not the best plan for them. Bottom line know your body and know your limits.

Looking forward to the holidays and next week... yay Christmas!

16 December 2008

Ginormous Grapefruit

Something not right about that...

Ginormous Grapefruit


Ginormous Grapefriut!

What the...???

Nose Bleed

My nose started bleeding a few minutes ago. I think it just about stopped. Hehe.

Master Cleanser - Day Nine Morning

Day nine and it looks like my weight loss is at a standstill. I guess 10lbs is enough but you know me I always want more. Hehe. 

Feeling better than last week as far as the headaches and diziness. I think I could breeze through this week. It get's easier as your system gets used to not getting the food. I will start with the fresh squeezed orange juice on Thursday and Friday. Every day after that small meals. 

Not much to report today. It's snowing and sleeting here today. Puts me in a blah mood. Blah...

15 December 2008

Master Cleanser - Day Eight Morning

On the train late to work. Over slept this morning. Not sure why I didn't hear the alarm go off. I guess all that cat napping yesterday screwed up my sleeping. Have to remember not to do that on a Sunday.

Feeling better, pretty much adjusted to not eating. I am chewing a piece of gum right now though. My mouth was quite pastey and dry this morning. Yuck. No poops as of yet but maybe later on. Looks like a busy day ahead for me since I'm running so late this morning. Lost a total of 8lbs so far. Five more days of no solid food. We'll see by the end of the week.

14 December 2008

Master Cleanser - Day Seven Evening

Poops update. I know y'all were waiting for it. Lol. I didn't poop yesterday but I did today and it was a little solid at first but then was pretty liquidy. I feel much better that I did. I think drinking all 5 portions of the "lemonade" helped it along. Something to take note of next time I do this. Did I say next time?? Lol. If I lose enough. Sure why not.

Master Cleanser - Day Seven

Okay so this is getting closer to the end of the "cleansing process." Today I was supposed to clean up my room and bathroom for Penny's arrival home but I was feeling so sluggish this morning I figured I'll have time to do it in the morning and afternoon before she arrives early evening. Hehe. Just laundry today. 

I woke up, watched some TV and then went back to sleep. Of course because I was sleeping I didn't drink my daily dose of "lemonade" but I am catching up with it now. I should be done with it soon. I have to admit I don't get so hungry anymore but I am craving the feel of actual food in my mouth. I know one I get off the "fast" my stomach would've shrunk a considerable amount so my food intake will be less. Which in turn will allow me to keep the weight loss off if I stay with the smaller portions. I weighed myself this morning and lost another pound. So hopefully I'll lose about 15 to 18lbs by the end of it all. I'll definitely keep y'all up to date. 

Drawback at this point is this sour taste I have in my mouth all the time and I'm craving actually chewing something. I think the thing I'm craving the most now is the stewed pig hock my dad makes. Maybe I'll have him make that for me as a reward for suffering though this program he insisted I go on.

I was reading the book again and was a little annoyed about his preaching to the readers about how bad eating meat is. I don't know if I could subscribe to that philosophy because I'm a big believer in a balanced diet. Everything in moderation for a healthy body and mind. Some things make sense but not all. Also this was written a while back so I don't believe he took other culture's diets into consideration. I think it's up to ourselves to tailor it to what works for the foods we eat. Plus he's a little on the religious side which, for those of you who know me, I am not a religious person at all. So I can see how he would believe meat would be bad to eat. Then again didn't they do a lot of slaughtering in the bible? Maybe I'm wrong...

Further update tomorrow...

13 December 2008

Master Cleanser - Day Six Morning

I'm feeling much better today. I think I'm finally used to not eating food. I'm still feeling tired but not as bad as the first few days. Not much to report today since there's no negative side effects. I dropped another pound since yesterday so I'm up to 7 lbs. I calculate 15lbs total at the rate I'm going. Hehe, so I was a little off from my initial calculations but it's because if the 5 whole lbs of water weight I lost the first day.

I'm just going to relax and take it easy today. I really wanted to get my mani/pedi today but I think I might save the money and try to do it myself today. I do love to get my nails done though. I'll see how the day goes. If anything I'll go towards the end of the day. Since I can't eat dinner anyway I could just go there later in the afternoon....

12 December 2008

Master Cleanser - Day Five

So I was typing out my thoughts on my little keyboard I have on my smartphone and somehow managed to erase the two paragraphs I had typed out. Grr.

Okay so I'm halfway through and do I feel any cleaner? Not really. I did lose another pound today. Okay so my calculations were off as far as how much I would lose. Hehe. So far I'm down 6lbs. I guess I can't complain considering it's been 5 days. We'll see by the end of 10 days.

I still have my headache which the Excedrin has not managed to make go away anymore. Ugh. All I feel like doing now is curl up in a ball and go to sleep. Thank goodness it's Friday. *sigh*

Poops update! Lol. No poops yet today but it looks like I usually don't have to go until about 7pm. So I'll see later.

Is it 10 days yet???

11 December 2008

Audrey and Her Beanie Bear

Look the bear has a bear. Hee hee.

the Master Cleanser - Day Four Update

Okay so this is my midday update since my boss has left and I'm now hiding in the back of the store and goofing off.

First "liquidy" poops since I started the "cleansing" process. It wasn't a lot but it sure was less solid than last night. I'm sure y'all were waiting for this news. Hehe.

Still have a slight headache despite taking 2 maximum strength Excedrins a while ago. Also the dizziness is still around. *bleh*

Master Cleanser - Day Four Morning

Oh boy was I beat yesterday. I had just enough time to make my "lemonade" for today, take a hot shower then pass out. My headaches are better than the day before but it's still kind of there. Not sure if it's from lack of food, lack of caffeine, or the rain. (When I was younger I used to get headaches when it rained. Lol. I know, what a wierdo.)

So far only dropped 1 pound from yesterday. Maybe I should reduce the maple syrup a little bit. I'll experiment with the it for tomorrow's batch.

As far as poops is concerned, not to be too graphic, softer yesterday but still not liquidy. I'm not really concerned so much since I'm still able to clear the bowels. (o:

Oh, I couldn't stay for long at the sample sale as I was feeling tired and getting dizzy. So I didn't spend any money. (Kudos for me!)

This is going to be a short update today since I'm typing on the teeny keyboard on my phone. The computer at work seems to be monopolized most of the time.

Update later if I'm not too tired.

(Boss is leaving early today and it's payday to boot. Yay!)

10 December 2008

Waiting For The Train

Waiting for the train... Watching people walk by.

Master Cleanser - Day Three Morning

Okay, I didn't manage to bring myself to update my progress last night as I suffered my first "ill" effects of the cleansing process. I, as a java addict, suffered from a horrible lack of caffeine headache last night. Needless to say it left me incapacitated last night from about 7pm until I managed to fall asleep. I cheated yet once again and took two Excedrin to relieve myself of the throbbing headache I had. Of course I took just one this morning for good measure because I dont' think I would be able to make it to the sample sale tonight with Miss Audrey & Co. if I didn't. And we all know how important shopping is...

Today I'm feeling less bloated and according to the book I'm supposed to have pooped normally for the first couple of days since my body is getting rid of the "toxins" in it then it will become more liquidy since I would not have eaten any real food for a few days. I still say it's just regular poops that need to come out the first few days, but that's just me. Sorry to be gross y'all but it wouldn't be a complete update if I didn't tell you about my poops.

So, today I weighed myself and of course as expected I didn't lose as much as the first day but I did lose another 2 lbs. If I keep this up I would probably lose 25 to 30 lbs by the time I'm done with this. For those of you who are not the healthiest I wouldn't reccomend you doing this "cleansing process." If you are already weak or have a weak immune system I think you would just be opening yourself up to getting really sick or if not weaker. So since I'm carrying an extra 40lbs I figure that I could use this. (In my opinion of course. According to the trainers at the gym and the doctor's charts even if I lose 40lbs I would still be overweight. But what do they know, pff... Lol. I think I would look fly at the weight I want to get down to... hehe.)

With headache gone and a sample sale to look forward to today I'm feeling much better about the cleansing process.

09 December 2008

Master Cleanser - Day Two Evening

Okay, now I'm feeling kind of dizzy and I have a headache. Mama Yao says, "It's okay, it's just the side effect." (As I'm laying in the street somewhere as someone just steps over my head... doh!) Anyhoo, I'm going to grin a bear it because all regimens have to be followed to the "T" if they are to be successful.


Master Cleanser - Day Two

Day two and so far so good. I do suffer from some hunger pangs but I manage to control that by drinking more "lemonade." Weighed myself this morning and lost 3lbs of water weight. Water weight because it's only one day. I'll do another update at the end of the day if I'm coherent enough. Lol.

08 December 2008

Master Cleanser - Day 1

Okay, so far so good I haven't fallen into the subway tracks. Although this is only day one and I technically should feel just tired from lack of food I feel okay. Now that it's 8:30pm and I haven't had my coffee or food I think I have enough stored energy to take me through 'til tomorrow afternoon. But we'll see.

P.S. I cheated a had a piece of gum because I forgot... hehe. I spit it out right away though. I did! I really did!

Master Cleanser

This is how much of this concoction I have to drink per day. 10 10oz. cups of:

1. water

2. 2 tbsp organic honey

3. 2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice

4. 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper

No food for 10 days. Someone just roll my body under the table if I pass out. Lmao.

First 2 days off only fresh squeezed o.j. Day 3 & 4 juice and I may have fresh fruit or salad in moderation. Then homemade veggie soup after that.

I hope this cleans the shit out of me! Everyone knows how much I love to eat. Hehehe.

Wish me luck y'all!

Master Cleanser

So you know you're fat when your dad who never really says anything about your weight tells you you need to do this.

05 December 2008


Nothing like fresh fruit to complete a meal. Yum.

04 December 2008

LV Bag

Here it is! Here's the bag I decided on... plus matching wallet of course... hehehe.

Mom's Nemesis

As to poop right near a trap... Can you see it in the backround? That speck in the upper right? It's oh so funny!

Mom's Nemesis

But he alludes her and takes a different route...

Mom's Nemesis

And he's so bold....

Mom's Nemesis

Mom sets up traps...


A woman on the train was carrying one of the bags I was thinking of getting. I think my first choice is best for me. It's nice but I'm not sure I would carry it as much. Hmm...

02 December 2008