25 September 2012


Yum. Dad's sweet and sour chicken. I think he's got it!

18 September 2012

Hello Kitty Chia Pet

For all of you 70's kids, remember these??  So Awesome!  This goes on my Christmas list.

If there was ever a doubt (which there certainly shouldn’t exist at this point) that the evil feline was willing to do absolutely anything to earn a buck (do we really need to revisit the whole Hello Kitty vibrator incident?), we now have an additional piece of evidence: The Hello Kitty Chia Pet — seriously, you can’t make this crap up…

Hello Kitty Chia Pet

As much as I despise the one with no mouth, I may actually buy one of these for my wife. Before you faint in shock, take a minute to think about it. If I am going to have to live with her presence in every aspect of my life, having her grow a green mop of Chia hair puts me in the perfect position where I can mock her back as she mocks me. Such goes the reasoning when you have lived as long as I have in Hello Kitty Hell…
Sent in by Thu

03 September 2012

Niiiiice! Haha!

Well, I guess if you’re going to go into a zombie fight against the evil feline (which is undoubtedly how the world will end, because there is simply nothing that could be more terrifying than the Hello Kitty apocalypse), you are going to need to prepare yourself against more than a Hello Kitty chainsaw since you know you will be fighting horrors like this and this. Obviously, the Hello Kitty hatchet will be their weapon of choice when they come after you at a short distance:

hello kitty ax

It’s already been well established that the cat with no mouth loves her weapons and this seems almost tame in comparison to some of the others she has developed to end you life. Still, the fact that she wants to kill everyone as violently as possible (if she can’t submit you to her horror of “love and happiness”) pretty much assures that all will die some sort of Hello Kitty hellish death…
Sent in by Danny

Another Thing for You Star Wars Fans!

What do you think Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader do during those afternoons (actually, are there noons when you’re in space? It should be pretty gloomy all the time)? Do they sit down and have a game of chess, or hone their lightsaber skills against one another, get smashed with some extra-terrestrial booze, or simply sip a cup of tea while discussing just which planet the Death Star should blow up next?
Assuming they’re all for afternoon tea with cupcakes and delicious pastry (I still wonder how inconvenient it must be for Vader to eat his meals. Perhaps technology then just pumps nutrients and vitamins into his body), then surely they would have this $19.99 Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser as part of their kitchen equipment. The tea infuser itself has been molded to resemble the Death Star, where you fill it up with your favorite loose leaf tea, and then plonk it into hot water to let it steep.
This is an officially licensed Lucasfilm collectible, and you just got to love the cute little TIE Fighter that is attached to the Death Star.