30 March 2010

Two things I love most, that I would never expect to be combined!!!!

Ha ha! Saw this post on my girl's blog, f*cking hilarious..... that's all I got to say about that.....

Two things I love most, that I would never expect to be combined!!!!: "Hello Kitty AND Spam!!!! But ofcourse, you can make Hello Kitty everything...DUH! From my new fav blog that I have bookmarked:


26 March 2010

Jamaica Mon

A family friend who happens to be Chinese but born in Jamaica went home for a visit and brought us back some rum... With dreds... Lol.

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25 March 2010

GM's two-seater EN-V concept makes 'urban mobility' hip again

Haha! Hilarious!

We'll confess -- the Segway did a lot of damage to urban mobility as a whole, but General Motors (of all companies) might have just mended a wound we thought un-mendable. Unveiling today in Shanghai, the two-seater EN-V concept is a play on last year's altogether riveting (albeit forgotten) P.U.M.A., and yes, it seems as if some of those design cues have worked their way into this one as well. The Electric Networked-Vehicle was engineered to 'alleviate concerns surrounding traffic congestion, parking availability, air quality and affordability for tomorrow's cities,' and they're also fully capable of transforming this place we call Earth into a next-generation Epcot. A trio of designs made their debut -- Jiao (Pride), Miao (Magic) and Xiao (Laugh) -- and we're told that twin electric motors and 'dynamic stabilization technology' allow 'em to turn on a dime and operate autonomously (!) using integrated GPS. The Li-ion batteries can be juiced from a conventional wall outlet, and the expected range is around 40 kilometers on a single charge. Best of all? There's built in wireless of some sort, enabling your fellow EN-V owner-friends to keep track of your late-night escapades if you so allow. We know -- you'd buy one of each if these were available today, but mum's the word on when (or if) they'll ever hit the production line; meanwhile, expect something called a 'Malibu' to remain in the product pipeline for the better part of next decade.

GM's two-seater EN-V concept makes 'urban mobility' hip again originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 24 Mar 2010 11:43:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

Fashion Faux Pas

So if you look carefully the price tag is still on the sole of her right shoe... Hee hee.

Why do people do that?

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20 March 2010


Here's Mandy. She's the fur kid of the owner of the store I work in on Saturdays. She's so cute.

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16 March 2010


Here are the gifts that I received in the mail today. How fun! The lighted balloon looks better in the dark but I couldn't get a good picture since I was, uh, in the dark... Lol.

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Birfday Dinner

Pops made my three favorite food groups for my birthday dinner tonight. Shrimp, noodles, and pork of course!

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Birfday Gifts!

My lovely cousins G and P sent me a gifts box all the way from the U.K. for my birthday. I got all teary eyed when I opened the box. I feel the love!

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05 March 2010

More BlackBerry slider pics appear -- is this the next Bold?

Ahhh, a leak.... I wonder if I would get a slider...

What looked like a drizzle last night seems to be turning into a full on downpour. The folks over at BlackBerry Leaks have gotten themselves even more facetime with that mysterious BlackBerry slider device -- and it looks a lot better than we thought. Right now the theories are flying about just exactly what kind of phone this is, with BBL suggesting it might be the next phone in the Storm family, while Kevin over at CrackBerry has it on good authority that this new handset will be part of the Bold line. Kevin also says that the rumors he's heard on this device call for a 360 x 480 touchscreen display (sans SurePress) and expectations for BlackBerry OS 6.0 to be onboard. The pictured phone apparently has a battery issue which is keeping it from powering up, but hopefully someone will find a way to spark this thing to life and we can get some more solid info. For now, check out one more pic after the break.

Onion Rings

Dad made curry flavoured onion rings today. So yummylicious!

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