30 October 2012

Master Cleanse Day 2

So far so good. I didn't go to work today because of the storm but it was a really easy day for me. I didn't exert that much effort all day so I didn't have to worry about being fatigued but I will see how it goes tomorrow. Back to work. The bridges will be open. No subway. Some bus service.

29 October 2012

Master Cleanse Day 1

Day 1 of the Master Cleanse.

So far I only drank one bottle of the "lemonade."  It tastes the way I remember it to taste.  Lemony with a kick of the Cayenne pepper in it.  So far nothing major to report, no crazy bowel movements or stomach issues.  I guess now is a good time to start since the holidays are coming up and I know I will be eating way more than I should.  Least I could do is start off being a little skinnier... lol.  

Goal is to lose 50lbs by the end of month.  To ambitious?  I don't think so.  After all I'm 50+ lbs overweight!

28 October 2012

Master Cleanse 2012

Okay. Seems like I've been overly glutinous this year and need to do a cleans. This is my second time around. This time I'm going to see if I can do the full 30 days. Let's see! I did it for a couple of week last time.

Mind over matter, mind over matter, I think I can, I think I can.....

Goal is to lose 50lbs.

07 October 2012

Admiral Ackbar Talking Plush

Hehehe, gotta have it.

I guess you can more or less say that Admiral Ackbar’s most famous line in his Star Wars “career” would be, “It’s a trap!”, when he realized that his fleet of Mon Calamari cruisers are outnumbered and outgunned by the Imperial fleet of Star Destroyers. Well, you can now bring home a cute version of the good admiral himself in the form of the $29.99 Admiral Ackbar Talking Plush, where he comes across as a Star Wars Celebration 2012 exclusive. All you need to do is give this cute little plush a nice squeeze, and Admiral Ackbar will then blurt out his signature phrase – as long as the batteries inside last, of course. Do bear in mind that only limited quantities will be available, as once they are sold out, the only way you can get your hands on one would be to look out for it on a second hand shop or via online channels.
To make sure it retains a sense of authenticity, there are the words “Star Wars Celebration VI” printed on the bottom. The Admiral Ackbar Talking Plush measures approximately 8″ in height.

02 October 2012

Soggy Cereal No More

That was my idea!  Just kidding.

Don’t you love the moment when you pour your milk in the cereal and the phone rings? Aack! By the time you stop talking your milk will have taken over and you are left with a soggy pile of mush. There is no worse way to start the day.
Some smart person at Brookstone decided there should be separation of cereal and milk. Welcome to the Obol®, a 2 compartment bowl. A lower reservoir exists for liquid and the dry stuff has its own home on the other side. To mix the two simply scoop some cereal into or through the milk. And cereal isn’t the only good use. Milk and cookies, soup and crackers, chips and salsa, the possibilities go on and on. Obol’s textured bottom and non-slip grip make for easy handling. Kids can hold on and prevent spills! And Obol is made of BPA-free polypropylene so it is safe and easy to wash. Express your personality and pick your color – cranberry, white or green – and Obol is yours for just $19.95. Brookstone is currently offering a special – 2 Obol’s for $30. So pick one up for a friend and let them end the soggy cereal blues.

01 October 2012

Bacon Bubbles – a Doggie Delight

Why is this just for dogs???  Lmao!

Dogs are easily amused. But face it, they do require constant attention. They always want to be in the action, but frankly it can get exhausting. So why not combine two canine loves and help keep your pooch entertained?
If you have not had the pleasure of seeing dogs playing with bubbles, do yourself a favor and YouTube it. Dogs go bonkers for bubbles. They chase them, pop them, pounce on them and even just watch them. Another dog love is bacon. No doubt about it. Fido will wait at your feet all day if he knows bacon is being cooked.
Bubbletastic – purveyors of everything bubble – combined these two canine loves. The Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine will entertain your dog for hours on end. Powered by 6 AA batteries, the machine cranks out bubbles of all sizes for hours. Combine the machine with bacon scented bubble solution and you have a perfect pairing for pooch entertainment. The solution is 100% non toxic and tear free so pets or kids are safe. And Bubbletastic combined the dog bubble machine and four 8oz bottles of bacon bubbles into a bundle for just $39.95 on Amazon.  So give yourself a break from entertaining your four legged friend and let bacon bubbles take over.

Your House in LEGO®

Yes, totally....

Here I go again. I love LEGO. One of my favorite videos is James May’s Toy Stories and the construction of an actual LEGO house. Can you imagine living in such an abode? Movoto Real Estate offers a variety of tips and ideas on home buying on Movoto Blog. Trying to bring some humor into our days, they posted a LEGO calculator. Yes! You can determine – based on square footage and floors – how many LEGO bricks and dollars would be required to build a house. To give you an idea, 2000 square feet over 2 floors would run you about $1 million. Certainly not what your friends would expect when you invite them to your million dollar home. Their estimates strictly covers the walls and roof. So bump the price up if you want to fully furnish your unit. Read more on their methodology and logic on the blog, and see what your home, built in LEGO, would cost.

Hello Kitty Tie Fighter

Lol, not sure how to feel about this.... 

Just when you think that everything that could possibly be branded with the evil feline, something else ends up in my email box. Once again, Star Wars fans die a little inside with the Hello Kitty Tie Fighter

Hello Kitty Star Wars Tie Fighter

You just know that Star Wars would have had a different (and much more apocalyptic) ending had the Tie Fighters looked like this because there would be absolutely no way to triumph over the corresponding Darth Vader. When people talk about the “dark side,” the darkest of the dark is held without questions by the cat with no mouth. That is why we are all ultimately destined for Hello Kitty Hell…
Sent in by Tom (via manlyart)