29 August 2012

R.I.P. Favio

So I bought some fishies for my office, two and a half weeks they survived being tossed around in the bowl and since I placed the bowl on top of the filing cabinet they even survived the turbulence of the drawers being slammed closed a hundred times a day.  The smallest of small fishies Favio did not make it.  In hindsight he looked like he wasn't eating as much as the others.  (P.F. "Pepperidge Farm", and Wolowitz)  Ahh well, maybe I will go buy some more fishies... :)

28 August 2012

Star Wars R2D2 Lunch Bag with Sound

Would I look silly carrying this to work?  Hehe.

This is definitely the droid that you are looking for if you are hungry and always pack your lunch to work. After all, R2D2 has served many a mission with the Rebel Alliance in the past, and here he is yet again with another mission – to make sure that you will remain nice and full in order to continue work for the rest of the afternoon. Yes sir, the world’s favorite astromech droid is now available in lunch bag form, complete with push button for beeps, boops, and lights.
It is made out of 100% PVC, and for health concerns, it is BPA free so that you know for sure you are not having any kind of unwanted poisons in your body that is accumulated over the years. Thanks to the $19.99 Star Wars R2D2 Lunch Bag with Sound, you are able to be amused by its bleeps and boops, while munching on your favorite sandwich (or whatever else that the missus has packed for you, of course). .

18 August 2012



Hello Kitty Toilet With Pink Surprise

I think I would stare in the toilet if I ever made a pink poop.  I wonder if it smells like Japanese gum......

One of the most disturbing aspects of living in Hello Kitty Hell is that it becomes painfully obvious that the people at Sanrio truly believe that if they simply put a bow on anything, this makes that thing cute. That, and the overwhelming fact that they simply can’t leave bad ideas alone, but feel it necessary to double down on them. By doing so, they make what any rational person would believe were the worst possible creations somehow even more disturbing.
So it really should not come as a surprise that at a recent Hello Kitty exhibit that a Hello Kitty toilet would be featured. Of course, the evil feline couldn’t simply leave it at that. Instead, she decided that since there seemed to be so much interest in Hello kitty poo (including in toothpaste form) that it would be cute to leave some with a bow on it in the Hello Kitty toilet (seriously, you can’t make these things up)

hello kitty pink bow poo

hello kitty bathroom with toilet

hello kitty toilet pink

As I sit here, I find myself overwhelmingly disturbed by the fact that it doesn’t surprise me in the least bit that Sanrio thinks that it’s a good idea to kittify crap by turning it Pepto Bismol pink and throwing a bow on it, and that I know it is simply a matter of time before they promote this to consumers as a good thing…
Sent in by Elle

Yeah, yeah I know.

I'm all for the underdog, go chubby Asian girl with the great voice!

11 August 2012

There’s a Bear in My Drink

The task of entertaining children never ends. But even the smallest things can make a difference. Did you ever expect that ice cubes could be entertaining?
Gummy bears are one of the most familiar figurines in the food world. And now you can use that famous shape to freeze just about any liquid with the Gummy Bear Ice Cube Tray featured at Think Geek for just $9.99. This silicon tray can make bear shaped cubes for your drinks. Or jazz them up and use colored juices, chocolate, caramel, you name it. Adults – what a great size for your next round of jello shots! The 16 bear tray is food and dishwasher safe.
So whether you insert them in a drink or simply make a treat that is easy to eat the Gummy Bear Ice Cube Tray provide a fun freezer gizmo.

10 August 2012

Ha Ha! So Cool!

For all you Star Wars fans.... :o)

The AT-AT, the memorable mechanical beasts of the Empire in Star Wars are a sight to behold. I still think they are the coolest bit of technology used in attempts to squash the Rebels. Now you can take the Empire’s technology with you on your shoulder. Thinkgeek.com called in a favor to the company that made the AT-AT Plush Backpack and is offering an exclusive AT-AT Plush Utility Bag for just $39.99.  It contains 2 pockets – one in the head for pens and small stuff and a bigger one for books, laser guns or what not. Every Snowtrooper you meet will want one! It is also perfect for the young Star Wars fan in your home. And just in time for back to school so they can intimidate the Rebel forces they encounter.

03 August 2012

Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Desk Lamp

Hehe.  So funny, but how bright is it?  I don't see it providing much light.  :)

If you had watched The Dark Knight Rises, I would assume at one point or another, you might have expected to hear Bane actually breathing out aloud ala Darth Vader with that face mask of his on. Well, here is a little bit of Star Wars goodness for you with the $59.99 Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Desk Lamp, allowing you to unleash the power of the Dark Side right at your desk, albeit in Lego style which is always cute as a button no matter how you look at it, of course. You will be able to have the freedom to pose Vader’s arms and legs as you please, and he can be used on or off the base.
The lightsaber that belongs to Darth Vader will have at least a dozen LEDs to light up your workspace, and for those of you who are extremely concerned as to whether this is officially sanctioned by Lucasfilm, you can breathe easy. It is an officially licensed LEGO and Lucasfilm collectible, and will run off a trio of AAA batteries. Of course, you can alternatively have it run from USB power, which is always an option if you are going to be by your desk all day long, or should I say, night?

01 August 2012


If any of you have a bird feeder in your yard, you know how difficult it is to keep the pesky squirrels away from your bird food. Now, I’m not completely against feeding a squirrel, I mean, they are little animals that deserve to eat as well… It’s just that they can empty a whole feeder in one sitting leaving my little winged pals with nothing at all. I’ve tried corn feeders and other things to lure them away and nothing works, besides the fact that I’m going through 10 pounds of birdseed a week, it has become a test of wills between me, and the squirrel we call Phil.
Well Phil has something coming next week, and I do believe if you can’t beat em, join em, I’m tired of being the lunatic banging on the back door glass while Phil mocks me with his swishing tail from my own backyard. I’m getting the Big Head Squirrel Feeder and keeping my camera handy. The Big Head Squirrel Feeder is simply a plastic head that you hang from its ears waiting for your unsuspecting foe to visit for a snack, and when he does stick his smug little face into the giant head, the humiliation opportunities abound.
I can sit there aggravated, trying to get rid of him, or I can wait for him to come and then point fingers and laugh, embarrassing him in front of every single woodland creature in my yard. It was that or wiring the pole the bird feeder sits on to fry his stick straight little tail into smoking curls, but so many people seemed to frown on that idea. A girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. The Big Head Squirrel Feeder will be available soon at perpetualkid.com for under 15 bucks, and watch for a picture of Phil soon, he’ll be the idiot squirrel with the giant head, and a frizzy tail.