27 July 2012


Haha!  This is hilarious!  I could totally see myself getting that if I did sleep aways or camped.

Everyone should have watched “Jaws” at least once in their lifetime – and if you haven’t done so already, what the heck are you still doing reading this article? Go ahead and rent or purchase the movie from somewhere – online, retail, I do not care! It is truly a masterpiece, and you will know why I asked you to watch it before reading about the $199.99 Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag.
Yes sir, you can relive the days of Jonah with the Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag by snuggling deep into the belly of the beast. After all, you sleep best when your feet are warm and your head remains cool, and this is exactly what the 7 feet long Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag does – it protects you right up to your neck, and is more than capable of swallowing adults fully – children are definitely not a challenge! The inner lining is made out of a blend of Poly/Cotton, while the fill material is Polyester Fiber.

Small Apartment?

For those of you who live in spaces that feel more like compartments... lol.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for any one, and the $39.99 3-in-1 Breakfast Station is something that you might want to consider. Not only does it help you save the necessary space in this day and age where we start to live in more cramped situations, but it also seems to work wonders. After all, we are talking about a breakfast contraption that is capable of serving you your favorite set of toast, eggs as well as hot coffee simultaneously – now how about that? I suppose students would definitely appreciate something like this, and so too will those working in cubicles and have not much time to spend having their meals elsewhere.
The 3-in-1 Breakfast Station basically measures no larger than a standard sized toaster, and yet it is great to see three different appliances in a single one. It is something like the modern day smartphone which packs quite a punch in terms of hardware specifications, except that this one is able to keep you nice and full. Definitely the piece of home appliance to own if you want to churn out breakfast for champions every single day to keep your pack, er, family, happy.