30 January 2010

Starbucks Dog of the Week

This is the Starbucks dog of the day. See it never fails that a dog is tied up to a post! Lease he has a jacket on. It is 17 degrees outside as I am writing this.
KY ^_^

28 January 2010

Wireblooms manage cables while sitting pretty

For those of you who are techy AND designy.


Cords are a common nuisance within everyday lives. Sure, they’re unattractive, and often get tangled up in ways we never imagined possible. However, they give us all of those modern conveniences we know and love, so it’s an evil that we deal with. We usually attempt to hide them away to make it easier to ignore their existence. Instead of doing that you could feature them with these Wireblooms.

The Wireblooms don’t just dangle from the cord or wrap around them. Instead they have a spot to hold the cord and then can be screwed into the wall. Therefore these are not only pretty, but they’re useful as far as cable management goes. When you purchase one of these kits you’ll receive a pretty little bird and three green leaves. Unfortunately, there is no pricing information. You’ll have to contact Monkey Business if you’d like further details on purchasing the item.
And we say we're on top of the food chain.... pff.

27 January 2010

Motz Wooden FM Radio

This is so cute...

I can't believe it actually works... lol.


For some unknown reason we all tend to get overly excited when normal everyday devices are made tiny. I have no idea why, but they’re just cooler when they’re miniature. This wooden FM radio even has an itty bitty antenna attached to it to pick up your favorite stations. Not only does it happen to be small, it also fulfills that need to own gadgets that are made out of wood.

It can be used alone as an FM radio or you can hook it up to an iPod and use it as a portable speaker. This 1.45” wide by 1” high by 0.75” radio can be charged fully by hooking it up to your USB port. If just one of these isn’t enough you can pick up a stereo-to-mono splitter cable and use two. Currently these are retailing through the Korean Early Shop. They’ll cost you 39,800 won or about $34.

Source: Technabob

23 January 2010

Dog Central

Sitting in the Starbucks across the street to my second job. Seems that every single weekend I never fail to see a dog tied up to a meter post.

19 January 2010

Lego Brick Earphones

Here's something to match that Lego mp3 player in my previous post...


If you’re worried more about the personality of your earphones as opposed to the quality, then these would be perfect. At the price they’re set at, it’s highly unlikely that they’re top of the line. However, you’ll still manage to get one more item that reminds you of your favorite toy as a kid. You could match this up with the various other Lego themed items out there.

There were a set of earphones out there before that mimicked the Lego look, but they were styled a little different, plus they were only available in Japan. These new headphones are available in the US and are far cheaper than the other set. All around it’s a win win situation. The earphones come in black, blue, green, pink and red. You can purchase a set for $10 through Gadget4all.

Source: GeekAlerts

17 January 2010


Okay, I know it's been a long time since I posted anything on the site but I really haven't had all that much to say.  Life has been boring... work then home, then work again the home... rinse, lather, repeat.  I have to say the only exiting things that did go on was that my sister and my cousin were in NY visiting for the holiday season.  I was good and didn't spend too much money and I purchased some really nice things.  Nothing crazy,  just good basics that I  needed.  Although I'm still on the search for a nice pair of black jeans that aren't to flare-y and that aren't cut "skinny."  Those of you who know me, "skinny" and "Kat" are two words that are never seen together.  So, onward goes my search.  I think I might have to break down and go to the Levi's store and search their plethora of denim.  I might even have to pay, *gasp*, full price!  Ouch says my wallet.  Further posts on that....

My sister and I bought our cousin Audrey her first Blackberry.  Congratulations!  I knew it would come in handy for work and school.  Plus with the busy life she has she can be much more organized.  Of course now you can just guess who has a hankering for a new device... ugh.  I hate that I love technology so much.  (Image of Napleon Dynamite's brother pops into my head.... and that stupid song.)  Anyway, with my contract being up or nearly up I can get a deal on the device.  The question is, to Blackberry or not to Blackberry.... hmm.

15 January 2010

Polaroid Is Recreating Their Classic Cameras

My birthday is coming up in March y'all... ahem.


Polaroid is one of those household names that will likely be remembered for a long time. Their instant pictures brought joy to a great deal of people who were used to having to wait at least a week to see their handy work. After digital cameras became popular Polaroid was never the same again. They made attempts to keep up with the times by creating digital cameras that also printed pictures. However, they didn’t exactly catch on. Well now Polaroid is going for a different angle, they’re bringing back their original models.

Yes, that’s right Polaroid is going to create brand new cameras that take pictures just like they did in the good old days. Truthfully I was recently considering trying to find a working Polaroid camera, purely because I enjoy older cameras. However, I think I’ll wait until these shiny new versions come out to give them a whirl. The new camera, PIC 1000, will offer instant color photos. Each one requires Polaroid Color 600 Instant Film, they come with 10 pictures on each pack. You can expect these to start being released sometime this year and sometime closer to time they’ll probably release the pricing information.

Gravity Ruler is a simple way to weigh luggage

Hey Grace! This one's for you!


For those of you that travel a great deal by way of airplane, you’re constantly dealing with worrying about keeping your luggage lightweight enough. It’s not going to be too bad on your way from home to somewhere else. However, when you’re coming back home it always seems like your luggage has gained a bit of weight. Instead of having to worry whether or not you’re going to be charged outrageous fees, you could keep this very portable scale in your bag and know exactly where you stand.

Then after you’ve weighed things out, you could always make the choice to readjust some things or even have items mailed to your home. The device is incredibly simplistic, it’s merely a bungee cord that measures the pull of the weight and then lets you know how much the bag weighs. These were created by some design students. However, it’s not exactly what you’d call a concept. They already created a batch of 35 of these and took them to the Travel Trading Fair in Milan. They managed to actually sell out within an hour. As successful as their first run went, I imagine we’ll be seeing these in stores at some point.

10 January 2010

Digital Blue Lego MP3 Player

You know if this wasn't so big and bulky I would actually consider buying it...


Thanks to the Lego generation growing into full grown adults, Lego has found its way into creating fully functional electronics that kids and grown ups can enjoy. This MP3 player is one of the many Lego themed electronics spotted. This one will allow for your music to be played. Plus unlike many of the normal MP3 players out there, this one has an LCD screen to view upcoming songs on.

The 2GB MP3 player will hold up to 500 songs, which should be enough to keep you happy for a little while at least. It’ll also play continuously for 8 hours before it dies. In order to power it up again, you’ll just need to hook it up to the USB port of your computer. It also has the typical 3.5mm headphone jack. The biggest feature on this MP3 player is that you can add real Legos to both the top and the bottom. You can purchase it through Amazon for $29.99.

06 January 2010


She's so cute. I love the way puppies look when they're teeny tiny.

Nahla-the-Rottweiler: "Nahla-the-Rottweiler puppy
I'm Nahla and I'm just a fun loving little pup. I lick everyone's face when they come home and wag my funny little tail like there is no tomorrow. You better give me a chew toy or your hands my become my new toy! My big sister and I play really nicely together and she is always caring for me. All my family loves me and I love them even more!


05 January 2010

The USB Apple Speaker


When someone mentions an Apple USB speaker, most people picture sleek lines and a massive price tag. Something with a whole lot of class and sophistication, not to mention a very recognizable brand name. Well if that’s what you had in mind then you’ll be sorely disappointed by these Apple USB Speakers. However, if you have a thing for quirky speakers then these little apples will work out just fine.

These USB speakers even have a small keychain attached to the side to make carting the speaker around a little bit easier. It also has a rechargeable Lithium ion battery that makes the speaker just a little more environmentally friendly. As well as having the usual 3.5mm stereo audio connector, which allows for it to hook up to MP3 players, your laptop and anything else with that type of connector. The apple comes in a few different colors, such as yellow, red, pink, green and black. You can purchase it for $13 from USB Brando.

03 January 2010

Machine Gun USB Drive

So y'all can keep it gangsta....


If having a USB drive resembling the bullet from a machine gun isn’t enough for you, perhaps this USB drive made to look like an actual machine gun would be better suited for you. Don’t worry, it’s not quite as large as a machine gun, so it is somewhat portable. Although I’d advise keeping it away from places like the airport, despite that it is small enough to fit into your pocket.

Even though it appears pocket-sized, I’m not sure it’d be very comfortable within your pocket. These Machine Gun USB Drives look like they have plenty of small pieces to poke you with and even break off within your pockets. However, you could just leave this 4GB drive on your desk. You can purchase the drive for $22 through USB Geek, which isn’t too bad of a price for a 4GB drive.

Jaybird's SB1 Sportsband Bluetooth headphones finally find their aesthetic calling

For those of you who like design-y things.


With product names like 'Endorphin Rush,' 'Freedom,' and 'The Tiger Eyes' for its headphones, it's always been clear that Jaybird strives for a little bit more when it comes to the image associated with its listening devices. So naturally the imaginatively named 'SB1 Sportsband' set of Bluetooth headphones would bring one of the classiest designs we've seen for that purpose, and certainly Jaybird's most stunning contribution to the market. The headphones boast about eight hours of stereo music use, feature moisture-protected music controls, and can even handle the odd call or two. They're shipping now for $89.

02 January 2010

Mini Wearable Air Purifier for your pet

For all you people who have fur-kids.


There are those that really don’t feel the slightest need to pamper their pets. They just let them do their own thing and feed them when necessary. However, for the more committed bunch, you might want a gadget here or there to improve the life of your pet. If you’re concerned about the air your pet breathes, now you can have a tiny gadget to solve even that problem.

This small air purifier can be worn directly on the pet. To be specific it clings to their collar, making sure the air around them is clean. It’ll keep your cat or dog from dealing with airborne allergens, smoke, viruses, dust, germs toxic chemical fumes, mold, pet dander and even diminishes pet odor. It even comes with different scents that are meant to relax, calm and energize your pet. It’s powered by 2 AAA batteries. You can purchase one for $17.20 through UXSight.

Round 2 of Crazy Earphones from Solid Alliance

I like the mushroom ones personally... hehe.


There’s nothing quite like owning a pair of earphones that make it appear as if you have a mushroom growing out of both ears. You’re bound to turn heads, but you may cease to turn the heads of the opposite sex in a way that you’d prefer. Instead of a come hither look, you may begin to receive that social leper look. However, if you can ignore all of that, you’ll have some of the most unique and hilarious earphones around.

These Crazy Earphones will be released next month. It appears that it’ll only include four different versions. There are the mushrooms, the arrow through an apple, a miniature ear and then a katana. Each one begins one one ear and makes it appear as if it goes through to the next. Each pair will cost you $22. Although they’re only being released in Japan, so it may be difficult for those outside Japan.

The USB Duckling 4 Port Hub

Hehe, those of you who have the rubber duckie fettish....


I’m a strong believer in finding a USB hub that really reflects your personality. If you prefer clean simplistic items, then the average looking USB hub is just fine. However, if you have that quirky streak going for you, then you should show it off proudly with an odd USB hub. For those that enjoy their rubber duck when they’re in the tub, there’s this Duckling that’s happy to accommodate your USB needs.

The duck has 4 ports, which is plenty for the average person. Plus it comes in the shape of a perky little duck. He comes in more than just the classic yellow too. You can get him in plain white or in a bright blue instead if that suits you better. The duck works just like your basic USB hub would. Just purchase it for $10 through USB Brando and you’ll be set up with 4 extra ports.

TearDrop iPod Water Resistant Bathroom Speaker

For those of you who just can't live without your tunes.... take these into the shower with you.


There are several different types of speakers that will work for your bathroom. No matter what your tastes or preferences, it won’t be hard for you to find that perfect fit for you. These cute speakers will keep your iPod safe, all the while giving a cute and quirky shape to your music. The water droplets will make sure your music can go with you even into the most damp conditions.

I wouldn’t exactly dunk these under the water in your bathtub. However, they are water resistant, so you could hang one in your shower. Just put your iPod within the water drop and it’ll allow for your music to play while it’s out of harm’s way. It stays powered by using a set of batteries. It’s compatible with the iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and various other MP3 players. It also has an earphone jack. You can purchase the speaker for $58 in pink, blue or white.