28 March 2011

Angry Birds the Movie Trailer???


Hmmm, I’ve heard before about an Angry Birds movie and thought err WTF. Just seen the trailer above and must admit it’s damn funny but legit I really don’t know. What do you think could this be the trailer to an actual Angry Birds Movie, answers in the comments please.

27 March 2011

The Leaked K-Town Sizzle Reel: Mystery Revealed

Uh, hmm... err... uh......  Yeah....

After all the press, the protests, the heated discussions, the murmurs and the speculasian foisted upon the K-Town reality show since its Craigslist casting notice went out a year ago… there better be some seriously effed up ess when the show finally airs. Like, seriously effed up ess.

But who knows when or where that will be? Although producer Tyrese Gibson and some cast members Twittered about a broadcast deal just before the holidays, there is no confirmation of what net will dare air the wonderful atrocities committed by these golden-skinned hot messes. Thusly, we’re all left hanging until there’s something to set to record on our DVRs.

Or are we? Because apparently, the sizzle reel–a piece of video cut for the purpose of selling the show–has been leaked. And hell, if it’s one iota as juicy as cast member Peter Le’s personal site, we’re, ehrm, pretty interested. So much talk has been talked, so much filming filmed, so much hype hyped—WHAT DIRRTY ANTICS did they shoot to sell this bitch?! Sky’s the limit!

Here it is, from Angry Asian Man:

Ah. I see, there’s humping and grinding.

Don’t get me wrong! I love humping and grinding and booze shots and karaoke (I actually think they might be drunkenly singing at Jen’s and my spot, Yi Ga Ju) and hot abs and girl-on-girl action. But come ON, gimme gimme more (as Britney would say)!

Maybe this is a little bit too TV producer-y of me, but could the show creators have at least produced a little scene–nay, a teeny-tiny scenelet to show buyers just how nutzballz these people are? Or what their voices sound like? Could the viewer possibly have heard some of the hair yanking fight-o-bonanza that’s clearly happening at 0:35, or the subsequent whimpering at 0:37 (fans of Korean dramas know there is no sound more iconic than that of a Korean woman wailing and crying)? Not to sound like a Network dick or whatever, but I wanna see that there’s a there there, goddammit! And uh, I would’ve let that girl-on-girl moment breathe a little, y’know? It’s so good. At least I think it is, from the quick cuts of that wacky musical montage.

Okay, I’ll stop giving notes. But I have reality TV blue balls right now. All I’m asking for is that somebody finally air this fuckin’ show already, so Jen and I can love the shit out of it and tear it apart.

[via Angry Asian Man]

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Actually A Good Idea: Toothbrush With Built-In Toothpaste

Great for the frequent traveller. Those cheap hotels never give you toothpaste.....

Tired of keeping around a tiny toothbrush for travel, or leaving nice ones at the hotel by accident? Don’t like to have to keep little 3-oz toothpaste tubes in a drawer in the bathroom? This thing might be fore you. Now, I do like this concept, though there are a few issues that come to mind:

  • Toothpaste comes out at the bottom of the bristles instead of the top. You’ll need to push out a lot or it’ll stay down there.
  • When rinsing or brushing, won’t water and saliva get in the little toothpaste delivery tubes and A: wash away toothpaste B: be gross?
  • How do you refill this thing? I bet it’s messy.
  • Do we really need to complicate one of the few simple devices left in our lives? It’s a brush for your teeth. Does it have to have moving parts?

In conclusion, I’ll take my chances with regular toothbrushes.

25 March 2011


Someone likes being wedged-in while snoozin'.


Kyle Kinane: This Is America

So funny... and so true.

Kyle Kinane: This Is America: "This is America. It is my God given right to be loudly opinionated about something I am completely ignorant of."

This video is too cute. Even though it’s hard sometimes,...

I found myself LOL'ing for real... of course I'm at work so it was even funnier to see me trying to hold it in...

Reposted from one of my new favorite blogs to follow: Thick Dumpling Skin

This video is too cute.

Even though it’s hard sometimes, we shouldn’t feel guilty about what we eat. We’re not animals! We have control over our own feelings and we get to choose whether or not to feel bad about what we eat.

- Lisa

Pee & Poo – I Feel Flushed


Every now and then you come across something that begs to be shared, if only for the sheer novelty of it. Or sometimes for what I like to call the “you gotta be kidding” factor, sometimes you want to share it because you can’t believe anything like it was actually made, marketed and is wildly successful, but rarely you come across something that is all those things, and I’m going to tell you about it, when I stop crying and scratching my head.

Let me now introduce you now to Pee & Poo, not that you haven’t met before, but probably not in this way. Created by Swedish designer Emma Megitt as a college project, Pee & Poo became so amazingly popular that they have t-shirts and stuffed… no, not animals, (let’s just call them number one and number two, shall we?) better yet, t-shirts and plush pals were created to… um, cuddle with? They are meant to address body functions in an open and playful manner and have been an instant hit with kids and adults alike. Seriously?

Okay, I suppose they can be used for toilet training, or for adults who enjoy a little “potty” humor. It makes for a never before seen gag gift or maybe even a good new parents present (hey I’m reaching here) but when you’re making out your Pee & Poo gift list, don’t feel limited to t-shirts and plushes, they now have notepaper, socks, tattoos and keychains.

All this can be yours for only around $32.00 bucks from www.shop.kissochbajs.com

I will leave you with a tip, never ask for a “Kiss” in Sweden, Pee & Poo are Kiss & Bajs over there. Nuff said? Yes, I think it is.

How retro Cool is this? The Space Invader Cake Mould

Space Invader Cake

For all you Space Invaders fans this must be the coolest birthday cake ever. The space invader mould helps you to easily bake your very own invasion fleet which I’m sure you and your friends will enjoy defending against.

The cake mould is made from silicon and is available from Spinning Hat for £9.99, what other gaming icons do you think would make great cakes?

SoundBite dental hearing aid receives European approval


We've already seen the principle of bone conduction be applied to headphones, but Sonitus Medical is taking the idea to a whole new level with its SoundBite dental hearing aid, which has just received the necessary European CE Mark certification (it already has FDA approval). As you can probably surmise, the device is a hearing aid that's placed on your teeth, although it's not actually implanted or attached in any way -- it's simply custom fitted to the person's upper back teeth. The other part of the package is a more standard-type hearing aid unit that's worn behind the ear, which processes and wirelessly transmits to the device in your mouth. That's obviously not intended for cases when a simple hearing aid will do, but Sonitus says the system can help people who are 'essentially deaf' in one ear regain their spatial hearing ability.

CrunchDeals: Laugh It Up Fuzzball: The Family Guy Trilogy

CrunchDeals: Laugh It Up Fuzzball: The Family Guy Trilogy: "

The Family Guy adaptation of Star Wars is perhaps Seth MacFarlane’s greatest contribution to humanity — and the Blu-ray release is on sale at Amazon for only $20. Seriously, can you think of a better way to spend $20? The Star Wars Space Slug Oven Mitt, you say. Okay, well played. Besides that must-have kitchen accessory the Blu-ray set is a great way to spend a twenty spot.

Pop Art Toaster

Introduce some fun during breakfast time with the Pop Art Toaster, where it will come in a 1950′s inspired design not to mention cool-to-touch plastic finish with chrome accents for that added touch of class. Of course, breakfast will never be the same ever again with this, since you will be able to include inserts burns of “Bite Me” or “Ugh…” coupled with a frownie on your morning toast.

Retailing for $44.99 a pop, it will definitely introduce a whole new way of eating breakfast for the rest of your family. The morning routine will never be the same as your cup of coffee, plate of toast, morning paper are augmented with newly “composed” messages that might just jolt that sleepy head into a brand new day. These templates can always be removed if someone more serious and senior in your family decides to drop by…

24 March 2011

AT&T makes calling Japan free until the end of March (update: Verizon and Sprint, too)

I know this might be a little late but for those of you who have friends or family in Japan this might help ease things a little bit...

We imagine that many of you, like us, have been making frantic calls to friends and family in Japan over the last few days without regard to the costs. Now, in the face of otherwise devastating news, we have some good news to share courtesy of AT&T. Ma Bell is offering wired and wireless billing relief for calls made on AT&T between March 11th and March 31st. Under the plan, AT&T wireless postpaid customers will not be charged for international long distance or text messages to Japan from the US and Puerto Rico. Likewise, residential wireline customers can seek credits for up to 60 minutes of direct dialing to Japan. Sure it's a shameless publicity grab but this one seems genuinely helpful.

Update: Sprint and Verizon have both now elected to waive call and text message fees (in Verizon's case, the move applies both to landline and wireless numbers).

Inhabitat's Week in Green: Brain-shaped bulbs, houses that fly, and hydrogen bolts from the sky

This is so cool!

Inhabitat's Week in Green: Brain-shaped bulbs, houses that fly, and hydrogen bolts from the sky: "Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week's most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us -- it's the Week in Green.

This week Inhabitat showcased several hot new eco vehicles including the world's fastest plug-in hybrid and an insane screwdriver-powered tricycle that sends you flying through the streets headfirst. The field of alternative fuels also advanced by leaps and bounds as the U.S. Department of Energy announced a new breed of cost-effective biofuel and a team of researchers discovered a way to efficiently produce hydrogen from urine.

From flying houses held up by balloons to skyscrapers that harvest energy from bolts of lightning, this week we also showcased some of the world's most incredible buildings. We were wowed by the futuristic finalists of the eVolo skyscraper competition, which included underwater spires made from plastic debris and massive megaprojects that contain entire cities.

This week we also spotted several exciting new examples of green consumer tech - from a clever brain-shaped CFL bulb to ASUS' new line of cardboard computers to a wearable mix tape you can pin on your sleeve. We also celebrated the launch of Apple's latest tablet by rounding up 14 of the best eco-friendly iPad cases, sleeves and bags. Finally, we kicked off a contest where you can win a beautiful recycled leather iPad case from Dewdrop Designs, and we shared 11 chic travel essentials for jet-setters on the go.

20 March 2011

ROCK OF ASIAN: Jimmy Wong’s Response to Alexandra Wallace Is Even Catchier Than Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

I couldn't help but repost it. Reposted from Disgrasian.

There will, heaven willing, be a million and one video responses to Alexandra Wallace’s now-infamous rant about Asians in the library. The racism, ignorance, and overall stupidity of the video have been–due to the rapidfire responses of whip-smart netizens–in many ways reclaimed or reappropriated. Also, like it or not, “Ching chong ling long ting tong” has (rather ironically) been cemented in the Asian American vernacular (and we have the t-shirts to prove it).

But I must say that the best counterattack of Ms. Wallace’s awfulness isn’t an attack at all. It’s a love song.

I literally have not stopped singing this chorus for over 24 hours, and I have to admit I kinda don’t feel so angry anymore. All I wanna do is hug on Jimmy Wong.

Jimmy Wong*, FTW. ForThefuckingWin.

*Did you know: This is AMAZIAN Freddie Wong‘s bro? Coolest, funniest, awesomest, rockingest family EVAR.

Thanks, everybody (lots of you love this video)!


Boobs For The New Millenium, Strings Attached

I've been following this blog (Disgrasian) for a little while now and they recently posted this....

I could hardly stop laughing. Hehehehe.

I have just a few questions about this new Chinese cleavage garment, a product that Jen’s mom tells me translates as “Devilish Peak” and promises to make breasts fuller, visible, and attention-getting with just a yank of two strings.

Okay, so, assuming I buy it:

1. Will my bosoms make that cool, zippy laser sound every time I pull on the strings?

2. Can my sad little A cups really turn into what looks like a very shapely, bouncy butt on my chest?

3. Why do the infographics lead me to believe that all the fat from my rice belly will somehow disintegrate and then regenerate underneath my areolae?

4. Total side note, and not a question: I just met a woman whose last name was Arriola, and thought damn, that must have sucked in junior high.

5. Also not a question: I think I got my rack checked out for the first time in three decades the other night, by a drugstore security guard, and I have to say that the experience was hardly all it was cracked up to be.

6. Okay but back to questions: This product promises that the body will be reshaped to a perfect “S,” transforming a figure from boring and flabby to that of a devil–which is apparently attractive and beautiful. But um, are devils really shaped all that nicely? I always imagine them like this:

…but maybe they’re talking about the kind of “devil” that my “sexy cousin” dresses up as every year at Halloween.

And one last question, which I can only ask myself:


[via Dlisted]

Thanks so much, Mrs. Wang! xx


Free Macaron Day

Today is free macaron day in NYC. Butterfields is one of the locations that is participating in the event. Miss Audrey and I went to get ours right before I went to work. I also purchased two extra ones because I couldn't decide on the flavor I wanted.


19 March 2011

Starbucks Dog of the Week

Yay! Finally I was able to see one. This one is a cutie.


06 March 2011


Excuse the perv in me....


Chewbacca Talking 15″ Plush

LMAO! So funny. I think this is going on my Christmas/Birthday wish list. Just because...

Gotta love the tag line of this plush toy – “From a galaxy fur fur away…”. Well, everyone knows the George Lucas has more than enough money to spend over a few lifetimes, but that doesn’t mean the master sci-fi storyteller (some might beg to differ) thinks that he has enough dosh in the bank – otherwise, why would he come out and say that he will release all six Star Wars movies in 3D from 2012 onwards?

Well, you might want to get on all the Star Wars goodness with the Chewbacca Talking 15″ Plush a year earlier, where he retails for £29.99 while sporting rather lifelike fur and an oversized head. Give his tummy a nice, big squeeze and he will let loose the classic Wookie “Haaaaaaarn” sound to keep you entertained.


These kids are so cute... I can't even walk on a straight sidewalk without tripping on my own feet.  Lol!

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Holy crap!  I thought I was going to pee when I saw this posted on Dlisted.

02 March 2011

Pure Genius: The Dogbrella

Haha!  I don't even know what to say about this but it's hilarious.

If you have a dog, you likely know the dread that enters your heart when it comes time to walk the mutt and it’s pouring rain outside. Sure, you can bring an umbrella for yourself, or wear a hat, but when you bring the beast back in, it’s going to shake everywhere and drip on the floor and jump on the furniture, eugh!

Well get ready, because someone has solved this problem. Who? Hammacher Schlemmer, of course!

The Dogbrella is an upside-down umbrella, with a little hook for your leash. That’s pretty much it. Technically, you could use it as an umbrella for yourself by holding it upside-down, but the strange looks and necessity of emptying out the accumulated water every minute or so suggest this is primarily for your pet.

I love the dog’s expression. So dignified! He’s thinking “At last, the treatment I deserve. And I came up with this idea years ago, dolt. Walk! Walk, I say!”

01 March 2011


Beary Bear and his large pointy ears. Hehehe.