27 March 2009


Working on my first blanket.

Dead Rubber Chicken

I thought this was funny. Saw a rubber chicken on a shelf at Rite Aid. What a random place for a rubber chicken... hee hee. The sign underneath makes it look like it's $99.99 for a rubber chicken. I don't know why I find this so hilarious....

22 March 2009


Holy schmoly! This is Miss Audrey's dessert from lunch today. it's ginormous!

21 March 2009


Here's Melissa & Anthony's puppy. I know he's huge for a puppy but a puppy he is. Six month old Batista. Very loveable dog.

18 March 2009

Memory Lane

Look what we found in the drawer. These are probably about 35 years old.

17 March 2009

Bear Hair

I'm still picking off Bear's hairs off my clothing. Hee hee. Um, of course I do my laundry every week... err... yeah...

16 March 2009

Happy Birfday to Me!

Happy Happy!! Only one candle.... lol.


I got a birfday brownie today from the FedEx delivery guy, Milton. How nice. As you can see I already started nibbling on it. Tee hee. Oh! Sugar rush!

14 March 2009


I got the Mexican omelette. Yum.

Max Brenner

Audrey is treating me to brunch for my birthday. Yay!

04 March 2009

03 March 2009

Spring is Here!

I know it doesn't feel like it but Mom's plant is blooming so therefore spring is a'comin'.

02 March 2009


I was getting ready to leave the house and what do I see? Eewww! I come to find out that my mom borrowed these from my Aunt Amel when she was in Guatemala. I'm glad she didn't buy them herself.  Hehe.  I have to remember to tell her to never wear these out, or to never wear them out when I'm with her. Such a fashion snob I am! Lol!


Winter's not over yet... Doesn't the hydrant look like a Conehead from SNL? Hehe.