31 August 2010


So this is what I do at work when I'm bored... notice the roach clip holding the elephant.  Ahem, wha? Who said that?

29 August 2010

Sink And Urinal In One

Err, yeah. I wasn't so sure about this too but it sure does save space.

At first I wasn’t the most thrilled over the idea of someone peeing and washing your hands in the same place. Honestly, once you really think it through although it is odd, it would save on space and spending money on multiple fixtures in bathrooms. Plus, it couldn’t be much more unsanitary than washing your hands right next to the toilet, which is the case in most bathrooms.
On the bottom of it all is a urinal then up top is the sink. The water that you use to wash your hands is used to wash out the urinal. With that extra design quality it’ll help to save on water, which could really cut down on the bill for any large establishment like a restaurant. This was a iF Concept Design winning entry and for good reason. It was designed by Yeongwoo Kim.

27 August 2010

Foreign Flick Fridays

Ahh, it's the rich and poor class issue again.  I have not watched this yet but will over the weekend.  I'm going to try to do a Monday Review from now on but depending on what the weekends look like I might skip over it.  Please feel free to leave any comments on the movies I've posted.  Have a nice weekend y'all!

Viva Cuba

In a tale akin to "Romeo and Juliet," the friendship between two friends is threatened by their parents' differences.  Malu is from an upper-class family and her single mother does not want her to play with Jorgito, as she thinks her background coarse and commonplace.  Jorgito's mother, a poor socialist proud of her family's social standing, places similar restrictions on her son .  What neither mother realizes is the the immense strength of the bond...

26 August 2010

Babyoom adapts as your baby grows

Nice... only if we could all afford that. I would definitely invest if I had it like that.

Buying items for babies is not only expensive, but in some ways feels absolutely pointless. It’s great for the baby while it’s an infant, but they only stay that small for a very brief amount of time. Then you’re stuck shopping for toddler accessories and after that it’s the preschool stage. It would be far nicer if that small fortune you spent in the beginning actually lasted a little while. Thankfully, some companies have started to create items that will adapt with the changes your child goes through. One adaptable design is the Babyoom.

The babybuggy will work up until the child turns three and doubles as a car seat. Then once they’re a bit too big for the buggy it transforms into a tricycle, which the child will be able to enjoy for several years. After they’ve grown tired of that it turns into a shopping cart. I know, it’s a slightly strange thing for it to turn into in the end. In my part of the world stores have plenty of carts available on site, but I haven’t been everywhere, so maybe there’s an area where people bring their own shopping carts. That or it could just be you want a shopping cart that is actually sanitary.

Five Ways A Girl Can Make Her Guy Comfortable With Girls Night Out

I've been following this blog for a while and for some reason I thought this post was particularly funny. It's written by a writer named Jozen Cummings.  Some of his opinions on the relationship between men are women are interesting.  You can follow his blog here:  Until I Get Married.

I think because it shows how men really do feel when we go out with the girls...

Girls night out is every guy’s nightmare. Trust me when I tell you. No man likes it when his woman is getting all dressed up to go and hang out with her girlfriends surrounded by a bunch of other guys who are not us.
I know we may act like we want our girl to hang out with her girlfriends, but really, it makes us nervous. Especially for men like me who know if they haven’t already gotten what’s coming to them for our trifling past, it soon come. Yes, we will encourage a woman to go out and have a good time and try to act like we can use the space too, but honestly, we’d much rather her go take a walk to anywhere but a bar or a lounge.
So now that I have divulged this little secret, allow me to suggest a solution as to how to make girls night out a comfortable night for the man in her life. Actually, make that five suggestions.

Especially during football season, depending on the team a man roots for, there are some great opportunities for a woman to make plans with her girls. Don’t get me wrong, I love a woman who can sit down and watch a game with me, but I’m never mad at the woman who says she’s going to do her own thing during the time the game is on. That shows she’s thinking. What shows she is not thinking? Going out with her girls on a night where nothing is on television for me to watch. I mean, come on, ladies! Everyone knows Friday night television hasn’t been good since they canceled Full House and Family Matters! Why don’t women think about these things? Now I’m over here pacing the floor, looking out the window every time I see some headlights flash all while watching ESPN News loop the same highlight reel over and over again.

The other night I was at a restaurant, sitting not too far from a group of women who were clearly doing their own version of girl’s night out. One of them got on her cell phone, dialed her man’s number and said, “Hey sweetie, I’m here at this restaurant, do you want me to bring you anything home?” I wanted to kill the man on the other end of the phone and marry that woman myself.
Aside from the obvious common courtesy a woman demonstrates when she calls up her man and asks him if he wants her to bring anything home, this gesture is also somewhat of an insurance policy for men. It’s a way of saying, “No matter what happens tonight, I’m coming home to my man.” Besides, I also know no man wants to talk to the girl carrying the to-go container of food, especially if it’s one of those pungent dishes. So yes, I absolutely will take the chicken yellow curry. Thanks, babe.

When I said I wanted her to check in, that did not mean a text that says, “I’m here.” WOMAN, WHERE?! That’s how I would respond. I want to hear where a woman is, not get a sense from the text. See, women don’t do this and that’s how they end up with tracking devices on their phone unknowingly (kidding). Besides, why wouldn’t a woman want to call her man to tell her where she’s at. How else is she going to know where I’m…wait…on second thought, don’t call, text.

Before she leaves the house, the only thing I want to hear my woman talking about is how much she is dreading the upcoming festivities. Say things like, “I can’t believe my girl has me hitting these streets with her. I told her all I wanted to do was spend the night inside with my man. And then I lost a bet. Can you believe that baby?” I will believe it, because I’m gullible like that and a woman needs to take advantage of that by lying to me and acting like she doesn’t want to be with her girls at some spot where some other guys are giving her all this attention.
When she comes back from going out, again, she need not act like she had a good time. It’s all good to come in and make all this noise as she changes out of her club clothes into her night clothes. I don’t mind waking up to that sound. But if she comes back in humming, “Let me hear you say ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah…” I’m going off, and it’s not for waking me up.

And when I say right before, I mean, grabbing the keys, three steps from walking out the door, right before. I want to do it when her hair is done, the makeup is applied, and the heels are on. And we don’t even have to lay down. We can stay standing. But yes, we need to do this right now, and she needs to text her friends that she will be outside in three minutes. Three minutes later, I give her a kiss and simply say, “Have fun with your girls. Don’t forget to call. I mean, text.”

Hello Kitty Nerd Kitty MIMOBOT

Oh! My wants are hurting me!

Who would have thought that something as cute and sweet like Hello Kitty could actually be turned into another geeky product? Enter the Hello Kitty Nerd Kitty MIMOBOT, one of the latest MIMOBOT flash drives to join the family. Retailing for $34.95 a pop, she will throw away her make up kit as well as pretty accessories, and will instead come decked out in thick-rimmed black spectacles, a pocket protector, and a checkered bow on her head. Nerd Kitty could very well be the more studious alter ego of the pasty complexioned Hello Kitty, and in line with her personality, she will be debuting at San Diego Comic Con 2010. She will come in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities which will cost you $24.95, $34.95, $54.95 and $79.95, respectively. Here’s to seeing a Nerd version of Dear Daniel in due time…

Steelcase Node desk chairs: Just in time for back-to-school

Now only if the Board of Ed would spend money on cool stuff kids wouldn't mind going to school so much. Least it would be a more pleasant environment.

Where I live, school is beginning. The day that most kids have been dreading is here, where they will find their assigned seat for the next 8 months.
I remember when I was going to school, there was always the issue with desks. There were always teachers that would probably die if they came to class and found the desks screwed to the floor, as they would move their desks randomly in weird rows, clumps, and, my personal favorite, the giant circular formation.
Steelcase Node must have made these specialized desks for those type of teachers. As you can see, every desk has wheels for easy movement, and can swivel so the student is always facing the teacher.
You will also note that there is ample space underneath for baggage. After all, a modern-day student often carries a laptop and laptop bag, and they can take up a lot of space, especially with a stack of textbooks.
You will also note that the desks come in all sorts of colors. Considering that most of the schools I went to in my youth always had manila colored tabletops, this is a diverse and welcome change.
My Source doesn’t have a price on these desks. I’m sure if there are too expensive, then you won’t see them in most classrooms.

Outlet shows a little love for USB gadgets

But when are they going to start selling these stupid things??? Sheesh!

The more you use gadgets that require a USB port to receive a charge, the more it’s probably going to die before you can get to a computer. I’ve become more and more reliant on my iPod and now that I switched to a radio without a dock in my kitchen, my iPod is constantly dead. I’m really starting to consider making it possible for my outlets to be able to work with a USB connector. Thankfully I’m not the only one, this designer has designed an attractive and handy solution.
It’s nothing fancy, but it doesn’t stand out as an eyesore and it’ll solve a lot of your problems. It’s just always better to have multiple areas that you can charge up your gadgets. After this concept created by a team from Zhejiang University of Technology in China, all you’ll need are some ports in your car to really finish things off. Sadly right now this is a concept. Plus, unless you have a European plug, you’re out of luck even if this outlet does get created.

25 August 2010

RYNO is one wheeled Segway, again

I don't care if they say it's self balanced, clumsy people like me will STILL fall on my ass.... hehe.

For some reason reason, there has been an excess of one wheeled vehicles like the Honda U3-X, the PUMA by GM and Segway, as well as the eniCycle.
So, why should I report on the RYNO? Well, you can see from the video here that, from the back, this looks just like someone who is riding a motorcycle.
Seriously, if I was behind a person riding the RYNO on the freeway, I would probably just think: “oh, it is a guy (or girl) on a motorcycle”. Then if he or she were to turn a corner, I probably would say: “hey, that thing has just one wheel!”
This is actually the reason why I like the RYNO. I think that the Segway has this reputation of being sort of white and nerdy. If you don’t believe me, just listen to the song “White and Nerdy” by Weird Al Yankovic.
However, the fact that I was able to mistake a RYNO for a cool motorcycle, even if it is only from behind, is a testimony to balanced vehicles everywhere.
I’m not certain if this RYNO is going to be mass-marketed, or if it simply a concept vehicle of some kind. Either why, I would love to know what RYNO is supposed to stand for. Perhaps it is not an acronym, but just put in all caps to make it sound cool like vitamin water is in all lower case letters.

Dell Aero available today for $100 with AT&T contract

You know, being a techie, I never thought to read upon this device. I might have to take a stroll over to the AT&T store to play with this and see how it is.

We'd actually kind of assumed this thing had been deep-sixed as faster, better phones have passed it by all summer long, but nay: Dell's Aero is finally in the land of the living. You can score the 3.5-inch 640 x 360 Android phone today with two-year AT&T contract for $99.99, though only through Dell's interwebs -- it's still "coming soon" to AT&T's site. Features include 2GB of onboard storage with microSD expansion, triband 3.6Mbps HSDPA and quadband EDGE, a 5 megapixel cam, and a 3.67-ounce claimed weight that makes it "one of the lightest" Android devices money can buy. Follow the break for the full press release.

Update: After checking with Dell, we've learned that the Aero is indeed still running Android 1.5, though the company is quick to note that it's actually a 'superset' with a 'tremendous amount of customization' with features like handwriting recognition and Facebook baked into the platform. We'd argue Dell still has a bit to learn from HTC on how to iterate its customizations as quickly as Google can pump out Android versions -- but maybe they'll figure it out by the time the Thunder comes out.

Bathtub with hidden storage

For those who just have no space at all...

Anyone that has every looked at an uninstalled bath tub has seen the insane amount of unused space. Underneath of those tubs is just air and the same along those walls of the tub in most cases. Well one company decided to actually use that space for something constructive. Instead of leaving them as open air, there are hidden compartments on this Stowaway Bathtub.

I really hope that the compartments are heavily sealed off to prevent water from spilling in when you have a little kid that gets a little overexcited with their game of battleship. The compartments can hold all sorts of toiletries or extra supplies for your bathroom. It’d be great for a bathroom that is a little short on size. These GW International creations are supposed to start hitting stores right on the first of September. I imagine they won’t be cheap, but they would be pretty handy.

Snazzy Napper is here!

Haha, I guess it's better than using the disgusting stinky blanket they give you on the plane. Come to think of it, don't they make you pay for that now??? Maybe paying more for business class IS worth it. Sheesh.

Some of you might remember when we covered the Blue Travel Set a while ago. It is essentially a Snuggie with pockets in it for gadgets.

I found this particular Snuggie derivative that has been making a subtle splash on the Internet since last week.

This is the Snazzy Napper, and I have included an ad after the jump so you can see how to “Snazzy Nap”. Like the aforementioned Blue Travel Set, it has pockets for your gadgets.

As you can see, it fits over your head and partially covers your face, in order to block out sunlight that would otherwise disturb your rest. It also has a specially designed hole for your nose “for easy breathing”.

The basic version of the Snazzy Napper just covers your head and part of your chest, and it looks like it has this cute sheep design. In all honesty, I would have left it blank, but it costs about $14.99. I believe it is the $24.99 version that comes with a blanket and has the “Z-Z-Z” pattern on it.

Okay, now I would like a word from our readers. Would you actually wear a Snazzy Napper in public? I might be willing to wear one on an airplane, but only if I was sitting by a window seat. There, you could get a little bit of privacy. As for sitting on a bus or train with this thing on, then you might as well put a design on it that looks like a target.

24 August 2010

Hellooooo Kitty

On my way to a vendor sponsored dinner and saw this...

k@t ^_^

22 August 2010

Blues and BBQ Weekend

So Miss Audrey Allure and I planned to go out to a concert in Williamsburg and then the Blues and BBQ at Pier 54.  We attempted to go to the concert but it was pouring so hard we decided to leave the line.  We waited about 20 mins before we said "fergit it."  Lol.  By the time we got back into the city the rain let up somewhat and we decided to take a chance and walk over to the pier.  The BBQ looked good but we didn't buy any there, we stayed for a little while to listen to the music but it started to drizzle so we decided to head back to the car before it started pouring again.

Hehe, thought this was a funny graffiti pic.  We saw this walking towards the concert... right before it started pouring.

While walking over to the pier we saw some kind of street fair/festival going on.  There were dancers on the street, not sure what holiday it was but they were dressed in some kind of outfits, we were guessing Mexican.

There's the pier....

Gee, good thing I left my weapons at home... hehehe.

Mmm, look at that cooked meat.  I'm sure it looks tastier when the pork is actually "pulled."  It sure smelled delicious.

It was rainy so they lines weren't that long but it looked like they were busy before judging by the small crowds by the little tables they had set up.

Not one table free.

This line looked more crowded.  I think it was cheaper and a little more famous.  This stand was set up by Brother's BBQ.  A pretty famous BBQ joint in Times Square.

The blues band performing, the crowd was mostly behind us since all the chairs were filled with little puddles of water.  We stood for a little while then got bored.

A very soaked Miss Audrey while filming the performance on her Blackberry.  She's going to kill me for posting this pic of her... hee hee.

Back in the car, and just in the nick of time, it started pouring buckets!  Again!

Stopped by TGIFridays for dinner.  I had the beef stroganoff and that's Miss Audrey's frozen drink, don't remember what it was but it looked yummy.

Despite the rain it was a nice relaxing day.  Nothing crazy went on, it went relatively smoothly.  Not looking forward to work tomorrow but the bills have to get paid.  *sigh*  Hope you all had a great weekend too.

20 August 2010

Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

Oooh, it's illuuuuuminated.

Logitech wants you to spend more time playing or working in the dark with their latest addition, the Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800. As its name suggests, this keyboard will come with backlit keys that have not yet lost its novelty, although Logitech is nice enough to throw in wireless connectivity this time round for those who are looking forward to the day where they can truly lead a wireless life. The backlight will adjust itself automatically based on the amount of light in the room thanks to integrated ambient light sensors, while motion sensors will detect whether those are your hands that approach the keyboard, turning on the backlight in the process (and vice versa, of course). Manual lighting adjustments lets you tailor the brightness based on your personal preference, while an On/Off switch makes it easier for you to conserve the K800’s battery life. It ought to hit the market later this month for $99.99.

Foreign Flick Fridays

I know this is technically not a foreign film but I am a big fan of independent films as well.  This was filmed in Queens, where I grew up and live now, so it's interesting to see if I can recognize any of the neighborhoods.  

Choking Man

Jorge is a morbidly shy Ecuadorian dishwasher toiling away in a shabby diner in Queens, NY.  From his solitary kitchen corner, Jorge quietly attempts to forge a bond with Amy, the newly hired Chinese waitress, but even though she tries to reciprocate, the gulf the separates them may be too large.  On the job he is continually tormented by a coworker, and at home, in his Harlem apartment, under the psychological control of his domineering "roommate," he battles his inner demons.  Choking man captures the feeling of claustrophobia and almost literal asphyxiation newcomers to America experience as they struggle to find a place and purpose in the strange land.  

19 August 2010

Colorware freshens up BlackBerry Pearl 3G and Flip UltraHD with bodacious new paintjobs

You know if I were younger I think I could get away with carrying something that looks like this around. Now? Not so much...

Say, are you finding your 3G-equipped BlackBerry isn't looking quite so Pearlescent now that the Curve has also gone 3G and BlackBerry 6 seems to have moved things along (a bit)? Maybe it's time you gave that zany bunch at Colorware a call, as they've just started taking orders for repainting Pearl 3G (aka 9100) handsets into whatever shade of awesome you desire. Prices are still ludicrous, starting out at $165 for a respray or $640 for a brand new phone, though if you want some more affordable customization, you can opt to send in your Flip UltraHD for a $50 change of hue (or grab a new one for $260). Sure, none of it makes much fiscal sense, but then blinging out your gear was never about rationality anyway.

18 August 2010

Tube Concept system of mass transit

This is a cool gadget....

Check out these people with their round wheel-shaped vehicles. It reminds me of this thing that General Grievous rode in that Star Wars Episode III movie.

This is part of something that my Source calls the Tube Concept, and it is a revolutionary system of mass transit.

It is similar to the Metropia that we reported on about a week ago. Essentially, every commuter has one of these vehicles, which can be then be driven to monorail-like transport to get around even more. You can watch the video after the jump, so you can see it for yourself.

If you didn’t watch the video, just think of it as driving around in a big donut, and then putting it on a rack where donuts are stored on their side, and having that rack moved. This rail network moves at high speed, at about 160 kilometers an hour. Or, I could use the comparison that I used for Metropia. It’s like driving a car, parking it on a bus, and resting in your car while the bus does the work.

What makes it different from the Metropia is how these vehicles park. The user just puts it in a “lot” that is essentially one giant vertical tube nine meters tall.

Boy would I love to see this concept become a reality. I doubt it will in my lifetime.

Check out the Coolest Gadgets 2008 Gift Guides, Christmas shopping made easy.

iWiz dev does good, becomes Apple App Store director

Haha! I don't know if I would actually pay money for this but I think I would download it for fun for a day. Hehe.

To be perfectly honest, we can't believe the above image is running on Engadget either. But with all the ongoing hoopla surrounding the App Store approval process, we'd be remiss if we didn't hep you to recently reported news that Phillip Shoemaker, director of applications technology at Apple, seems to have a healthy sideline developing iOS software with names like iWiz and, ahem, Animal Farts. We'll let you hit the store yourself if you want to learn more about these fine products (search for his company, Gray Noodle). For Apple's part, the company states that the apps were submitted and approved before Shoemaker got the job -- and that, indeed, he was hired in part because of his experience as a developer. Now, if we could only get that Pocket Pain Doctor guy a real job. He looks like he could use one!

Update: We also thought we'd mention that, although Apple stated that the apps were submitted and approved before dude got the job, Shoemaker Tweeted that he had his new employee orientation on March 9, 2009 -- and that Gray Noodle was still publishing apps a month later. What does this mean, exactly? We're not sure (and we're not sure we care), but we figured we'd throw it out there nonetheless.

17 August 2010

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type puts a touchscreen on your Series 40 featurephone

Looks like Nokia is stepping up their game. It's about time. Pfff....

Nokia has just revealed its X3-02 handset, which does the unthinkable and marries a relatively standard 16-button keypad with a 2.4-inch QVGA touchscreen. Now, we might have our reservations about Nokia's S40 OS being able to translate to a touch-friendly UI, but the beauty of this phone is that touch comes as essentially a free extra rather than the fundamental navigation paradigm. It's augmented with 3G, 802.11n WiFi, and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, and the whole thing is wrapped within a 9.6mm-thin brushed aluminum shell. All that, and the X3-02 will only cost €125 (before sales taxes and subsidies, as usual) when it launches later this quarter. See it on video after the break.

Update: Nokia has informed us the X3-02 uses a resistive touchscreen, no real surprise given its price.

15 August 2010

Questlove in LIC

Hung out with my cousin Miss Audrey Allure today.  Questlove was dj'ing at PS1 in Long Island City.  I had a great time.  It's been quite sometime since I've gone out and just enjoyed myself.  It felt really good and Miss Audrey is always good company because she's so chill.  ;o)

This is a shot on the way to the venue.  I don't think I've ever walked this way, we're right by the Citicorp Building.

Another building along the way....

The famous graffiti building.

We decided to grab a bite to eat before heading off to the venue.  Saw a smooshed cantaloupe on the way.

I forgot the name of the diner but it was a classic old school New York diner.  Hehe.

I forgot to take a picture of my lunch before I ate it but I had a chicken and spinach wrap with seasoned curly fries.  Mmm, mmm, mmm.  

Finally made it in there.  Looks like the crowd is growing.

They even had a kiddie pool there.  The kids looked like they were having a blast.

The dancefloor...

There he is in the flesh, Questlove.  Oh, he's the little guy in the left corner with the mic.

Oh no!  The decorations are blowing away in the wind!  Watch out y'all!  Heads up!

Miss Audrey and I chillin' by the carpeted wall.  It was warm and breezy.  Nice day to be outside.

We ended up in Starbucks to have a refreshing drink before we went back home.

All in all it was a nice day.  I am now enjoying our free month of HBO and catching up on the movies I never got to watch in the theaters.