08 August 2011

Hello Kitty Glasses

Why wouldn't you think I would post this.  Glasses are my life!

It can never be said that the evil feline doesn’t know how to compliment the atrocities she comes up with. One would have imagined that once the Hello Kitty contacts came out, she had done as much damage as she could with the eyes of Hello Kitty fanatics. Of course, that would underestimate how much Hello Kitty loves to produce atrocities as can plainly be seen with the Hello Kitty glasses:

Hello Kitty eye glasses

Simple advice to all men. If your girlfriend has Hello Kitty contacts or Hello Kitty glasses, run fast or prepare yourself for a life of Hello Kitty Hell…

Ear MIKI keeps your headphones tidy

I just love cutsie things... I'm so Asian sometimes.... lol.


Listening to music on the go can lead to a big tangled mess of zips and headphone cables, but now a new little invention called the Ear MIKI aims to keep everything as neat and tidy as possible.

Ostrich head pillow lets you have desk nap times

Hahaha!  OMG, I need ones of these for the office... 


Spanish design studio Kawamura-Ganjavian created the Ostrich, which is essentially just a huge, wearable head pillow, for those that need power naps to get through the day.

I understand why it'd be useful and I don't doubt that it'd probably be very comfortable, but imagine walking into an office to find all of your colleagues wearing Ostrichs on their heads, wouldn't it look like a scene from a low-budget alien invasion movie?!