30 April 2010

Paw Plunger keeps floors clean

Hmm, not sure how well this would sell but Lassie here in this picture doesn't seem to mind getting his muddy paw cleaned.

Alright dogs need to go outside to do their business, even on exceptionally rainy days. Then when they go trapsing through the house they leave their muddy footprints all over the floor. Now with kids you can bellow out for them to wipe off their feet, making it so you don’t have to mop every 2 minutes. Sadly yelling that out to the dog usually just makes them drop their head and leave the footprints a little slower than normal. This Paw Plunger may look silly, but at least it keeps your carpets clean.

On the inside it has soft bristles, then you just slowly move their paws up and down within the plunger. That is after you fill it up with some warm water. The bristles will knock off all of that dirt and the water cleans off any excess dirt. You can also apparently use it to do medicinal soaks and to melt the ice balls that attach themselves to your dog’s paws. You can purchase it for $34.99 through Improvements.

29 April 2010

Volkswagen rolls out foldable 'Bik.e' electric bicycle concept

Well, it looks like it's the season for automakers to show off electric bicycle concepts, with Volkswagen now following Lexus' lead with its own 'Bik.e' concept. Unlike Lexus' hybrid concept, this one is a full-fledged electric bicycle (sans pedals), and it boasts a few innovations of its own, not the least of which is that it's able to fold up and fit where you'd normally store a spare tire. It's also apparently able to be charged using your car's DC current in a pinch in addition to a standard AC outlet at home, and it promises to deliver a range of 20 kilometers on a full charge, along with a top speed of 20 kilometers per hour. What's more, it seems like Volkswagen is actually looking at commercial possibilities for the Bik.e, although it's not making any firm commitments just yet. Head on past the break for a quick look at the bike in action, and some dancing.

Puppet Pouch puts fur on your DS / DSi, smiles on people's faces

Okay, I don't know how to feel about this.... looks weird if you ask me.

As jaded as we are, we just can't bring ourselves to criticize this. Produced by CTA Digital, authors of other questionable gaming accessories, the Puppet Pouch acts as a superfurry (and annoyingly cute) case for your Nintendo portable console. Coming with a felt interior and elastic straps to keep your Ninty nice and minty, it also offers a zipped compartment for storing games and accessories, as well as 'puppet functionality.' That last bit means you can shove your hand inside it and use the little fella as part of your awesome ventriloquist act. Priced at $19.99, it's available now, but we've just got one oustanding question -- what animal is this supposed to be?

Zbit Mini R/C Robots

These are cool, now only if I had a desk to run one of these on.....

Check out the Zbit Mini R/C Robots from ThinkGeek – these are tiny pocket dynamos that will definitely spruce up a boring day at the office as they zoom around at breakneck speed, spin 360 degrees, and even light up and make robot noises. All of them operate on different frequencies, so you won’t see any controlling error occur when you’re having fun with your friends. You can choose from Vintage Tech 1, Vintage Tech 2, Urban Tech 1 and Urban Tech 2 models for $14.99 a pop.

Star Wars AT-AT model

Oh, So cool. I want! I want!

Not really, what in the world would I do with this? It will collect dust, but if I were another person in another life I would definitely put this on my wish list. Ha!

Sci-fi movies are extremely fun to watch, considering they tend to tickle the imagination with stuff that aren’t available (mostly anyways) in the real world. Star Wars has done a whole lot to capture our imagination over the last few decades, and among the more impressive vehicles within would be the AT-AT walker which was a staple land-based attack vehicle used by the Empire. This Star Wars AT-AT model is fully painted and detailed right out of the box – all you need to do is to make sure you can follow the assembly instructions within, and good news since there is no glue to worry about as everything snaps together into place. You can pick up the Star Wars AT-AT model for $49.99.

28 April 2010

Post-It Assualt Rifle: Not as cool as you might think

Perfect for the geek in your office...

I think what you are seeing here is a dream of any disgruntled office worker: a gun that can shoot Post-its.

I hope you aren’t too upset when I tell you that this is merely a concept, and I’m guessing that the gun in the photo is nothing more than some sort of mock-up.

So you can forget about your dreams of shooting post-its until you have covered up a man. (Think about the poster for Office Space if you need a visual aid.)

This is what the designer Alex Marshall does want to do with it:

This concept would contain an air reservoir which could be either battery or mechanically powered and a mechanical arm to push the post-it from the magazine… I did some basic testing and found that it would require a significant amount of air without this arm separating it from the post-it stack so this justifies the arm.

I believe this would shoot rolled up Post-its, really. Nothing that you could really write on, maybe.

I guess I just have a dream of stalking people with a gun that would allow any message I want to be stuck to them. Of course, I would have to write those messages in advance, wouldn’t I?

Yeah, this Post-it gun is just not as cool as I wanted it to be.

25 April 2010

Polly Polly

Since I wasn't able to get too many Starbucks Dog of the Week photos in the past month I'm making up for it with pics of Polly.  Here's a couple of pics of my friend's dog Polly, she's so cute.

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24 April 2010


You know I wouldn't mind being bigger if I could look like THIS...... she's so sexy!

Pic #2

Is this better?

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Starbucks Dog of the Week

Technically this counts because I'm still sitting in Starbucks and he's right outside. Can you see him? He's in the back seat of the car...

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17 April 2010

iPad printing: solved

Haha! Hilarious!

iPad printing: solved: "

Magical in its simplicity.

Stuart Hughes' gold Privé brick phone redefines 80s excess

So, are any of you old enough to remember this?

Stuart Hughes usually reserves its gold and diamonds for recent gadgets, but the fine purveyor of ridiculous excess has taken a slightly different approach with its latest offering: the $200,000+ Privé brick phone. In addition to a 22ct gold shell and a smattering of diamonds, this apparently functional phone packs a color screen and features like SMS support and, um... buttons. Limited to just ten but, amazingly, still in stock.

09 April 2010

Milagros - My Beautiful Grandmother

I have sat and tried to write what I felt in my heart about my grandmother who just recently passed away. I wrote and rewrote. I erased, edited, deleted and wrote again through my blurry vision because of the tears but I just couldn't capture what it is in my heart that I feel about her.

By all means I am not a writer, I was never good with words nor will I ever be. But this is an attempt to write what I feel in my heart. I will keep it short and simple so that I won't be repetitive because I've had a tendency to do that recently.

There is a feeling of emptiness and sadness in my heart. The tears won't stop rolling down my cheeks as I try to put the words down that would describe best how I viewed her. She was and still is a symbol of strength and wisdom to me. My grandfather whom sadly I never really got to know, had his stroke quite early in life, and it was up to my grandmother to become the head of the household and business. During those times it wasn't totally unheard of but still not a woman's role in society. She lived through wartime, poverty, and illness in the family. She raised six children almost on her own while running the business. She ruled with an iron fist and a big heart. In my eyes what she was always will be is a strong independent woman. The kind of woman I aspire to be. I'll miss her. I only wish I knew her when she was younger, so we could've talked more about life and family. Growing up I always feared her a bit. She had this intimidating way about her, but showed at the same time how much she cared about us. It's really hard to explain, but that's the best I could do.

For those who knew her, my apologies. I know this post won't do her justice but as I said I'm not a writer. I will miss her even more knowing that I can't see her smile anymore or that I can't hear her laugh anymore. But I can remember the image of her smile and the laughter in my mind.  I will always hold those memories dear to my heart.

I'll miss you Amah.....

The following is a posting is from my cousin's blog. I added her blog to this post because of the touching words she wrote, I felt that I should share it with whomever reads my post as well as to share the pictures that I myself did not have.

I have some sad news to share. Yesterday, I was notified that my beloved grandmother, Milagros Leong, passed away. Her name means 'miracle' in Spanish, and she truly was our miracle in our lives. A mother of 6, a grandmother to dozens of grandchildren (she has plenty!) she was always hardworking, determined, stylish, and truly had a big heart. She always saw the good in others and put others before herself.

She was the only grandparent I had a relationship with since my other grandparents passed away before I was born, and out of the many families she chose to live with - she chose to live with me, my mom and dad. She was in my life ever since I was born & helped raise me. However, a couple of years ago she moved back to the Philippines to live with other family to receive 24/7 hour care since she endured having asthma, Parkinson's Disease, and she wasn't doing so well.

She was my inspiration, my muse, and the reason why I ventured into fashion. And I had her tremendous support all the way.

Back in the Philippines, she owned Cramerton Tailoring, and was highly skilled in sewing, tailoring, and making clothes - she even made some of my baby clothes.

She was always well put together. She knew how to coordinate her outfits, and maintain being classy and elegant. She is a true beauty and has great style.

Above is her on the right. Below, she is the gorgeous woman carrying the baby.

I miss her, and I wish I was able to give her one last hug.

Rest in peace Grandma, we love you.



Found this on someone's blog that I'm following.  Who would've thought....

Domo Love

I love this little guy. See even he has a love! *sniffle*

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07 April 2010


She's sprouting a flower. I think I'm doing something wrong because when I first got her she had more flowers. I guess we're both getting old...

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06 April 2010

Bear Under Couch

Beary Bear you're too big to fit under the couch!

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04 April 2010

On Turning 40

Here I go again.

Turning 40.  When I was a little kid I used to sit and do the math and think wow, in the year 2000 I'll be 30!  Wow!  I imagined what my life might be like.  Married at 25 to a doting husband, a child at 30, maybe a second a couple of years later.  Not necessarily a house with a white picket fence since living in NY doesn't really lend itself to houses with white picket fences.  But in the dream it's the same as any kid who is romantic at heart.

Cut, advance to the present.  2010.  I am now 40.  I am now 40 and single and lonely as ever.

I sit and look in the mirror sometimes thinking, what did I do wrong all these years?  Am I really that bad a person?  What am I missing in my brain that I can't make correct judgments?  Am I really that unpleasant to be around?  I mean my folks don't ever seem to want me to leave their side, but they're my folks and they will never want me to leave.  I am the hopeless case that they think they have to nurture forever since I'm simply incapable.  (I secretly think in my head that my folks think I can't find anyone because I'm fat.  So unattractive to a nice Chinese boy.)  I am the one they couldn't rescue/help/guide in the right way or brag about to their friends or my typical Asian family full of doctors, lawyers, and successful business people.  I am the child that every parent would shake their head at and say, "Oh thank God my child isn't like that.  Poor Mr. and Mrs. Y.  Aiya."

So I have to learn to accept at this point in my life, middle aged by my mathematical calculation, that I am, always was, and always will be the loser/failure daughter/sister/cousin/niece (etc.) in the family.  What on God's green earth would make me believe that I could actually be someone/something???  A failure at 40 will be a failure for the rest of my life.  Done, it's set in stone.  I am tired.  I just don't want to try anymore because I don't have faith or believe in myself enough to believe that I could actually accomplish anything.  What's it all for in the end?  For my kids?  What kids?  For the success of my happy marriage?  Who in their right might would want to be with me???  

I stay in a job where my boss treats me like shit and looks down on me.  Not only for who I am but what I am.  An "oriental" female.  Someone who is "lesser."  Why?  Because I don't believe I can get a job anywhere else.  I don't think I can project that I'm worth the amount of salary I would like to receive.  At this point in my life, why should I try?  History says that I will fail like I always have.  I stayed in relationships that were detrimental to my emotional, physical, and mental well being.    Mainly because I don't think I could do any better or deserve better.  I'll take what I can get because anyone who is "a catch" or worth anything wouldn't want to be dragged down by some loser like me.  I would be embarrassing to be around.  Embarrassing to introduce to friends and family... Best I just try to camouflage myself along this wall right here.  Maybe no one will notice me, oh wait I'm too fat to be invisible.  I really do take up to much space.  Best I stay home.

On that note, my mother said something to me earlier about taking care of my health.  So being in the mood that I was I answered her, "I should hope to not to live that long."  Of course she answered well if you do at least you won't be sickly and have to take all those meds.  I just looked at her with a stone face and said, "I don't plan on living that long."  Of course like any loving mother would do she got angry with me and proceeded to lecture me.  Not helping.  I of course then said to her as my eyes were getting teary, "I will be alone when I'm old.  I don't want to be alone and old.  I'm already lonely as I ever really would want to be."  I didn't say anything else and retreated to my sanctuary that is my room. 

So as I'm writing, more like babbling, I thought I would feel better if I pour it all out there on the world wide web.  For someone bored with nothing better to do to read it and say, "Man, what a loser."  But I don't feel better, not at all.  I'm still crying and feeling really fucked up in my head and heart.  I don't believe anything will ever change.  When I made an effort it didn't, when I didn't make an effort it didn't.  Same difference.  Same result.

I need prescription sleeping pills.  These over the counter ones suck.

03 April 2010

Deep Fried Hot Dogs

Okay, so the deep fried hot dogs were a hit.  Crispy and not as greasy as it sounds.  Funny enough the hot dogs are so salty the oil probably couldn't absorb, lmao.  It was just the right amount of crunch and chew.  Of course I'll be retaining water from here to eternity because of the sodium in the hot dogs but it was worth it.  Salads for me for the next week.

Deep Fried and Greasy!

Leave it up to us to deep fry hot dogs. Review to follow...

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Purina Puppy

Hahaha!  Hilarious!



Sprintime is here! Its so beautiful out this weekend, it might even hit 75 degrees, woo hoo!
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