18 May 2012

iPhone glasses for your inner geek

I had to repost this, it has to do with glasses!


Don't worry, you haven't paid hundreds of dollars for a gadget with bad eyesight, these glasses are solely for keeping your iPhone upright when you're watching a video or taking a super vain self portrait.

The little suction cups ensure the stand stays in place and you can choose from a selection of different colours, geeky but genius!

Available from Gizmine for $39.99, which is a little pricey for a simple stand, but great for a quirky gift.

14 May 2012

Lovin' my Hot Pink Nail Polish

Sneakiest Bear

So Bear has learned the trick of hiding his pills in his mouth!  I only discovered it when I have to force pill #2 down!  Ugh.

The other day, Bear and I were struggling to get his 2 pills down because he kept moving them around in his mouth.  So he spit up both.  I put them down on his red rug and went to get a paper towel because my hand was all covered with spit.  (And the pills get so slippery its hard to get them in his mouth...)

I came back and only saw 1 pill!  After much searching, I learned that Bear put his paw on the smaller pill and moved it under his foot so I couldn't find it!

Sneaky Bear!

09 May 2012

The Jellyfish Aquarium – the REAL Deal for your Desktop

So cool... I would want one of these.... 

We all know how relaxing fish are, but have you ever had the pleasure of watching real live jellyfish? I remember standing in front of jellyfish aquarium at Marineland and it was nothing short of mesmerizing. Even seeing them while out snorkeling is a sight to behold (as long as it’s not those blue ones with the long and nasty tentacles, but that’s another story) I have always found these creatures to be very beautiful. Don’t you wish you could have them as pets?
Well now you can! A guy named Alex who studied Marine Biology at Duke University used to make large commercial jellyfish tanks and wished people could keep them at home as well. Unfortunately jellyfish cannot be kept in standard tanks because they are easily injured or killed by the filtration systems. Alex designed an appropriate habitat for these delicate creatures, and the Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium was born.
The Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium began as another Kickstarter project that quickly reached its funding goals and is now in production. One simply orders the kit that includes everything you need to set up your aquarium, and once you’re ready, they send real jellyfish “live” rock and proper food, straight to your door.
The 7 gallon, crystal clear acrylic tank has a specialized built in filtration system and it has enough room to keep around 5 fabulous jellyfish. The kit comes with a nifty lighting system to give your new pals some high tech lighting and the tank works plugged into the US standard 120V electric outlet.
The kits come in 1 fish, 3 fish and deluxe sizes, with everything you need to get started, with prices beginning at around $285. I’d say its a whole lot cooler than a Hamster. To purchase, or for more information visit jellyfishart.com