30 September 2010

Kia Pop recharges in 6 hours with 87mph top speed and 100-mile range

I almost want one of these, because it's purple.... lol.

After an August tease the all-electric Kia Pop concept car is now getting a proper reveal at the Paris Motor Show. Pop is a three-meter long three seater featuring a number of futuristic touches like rear-view cameras in each door, a full length glass roof, and an otherwise transparent OLED panel that displays all your instrument readouts only when the car is running. A second touch panel to the right of the steering wheel controls the vehicle's other functions including audio, sat-nav, and climate. Under the hood you'll find a 60-ps, 190-Nm motor powered by lithium polymer gel batteries capable of charging in just six hours. Combined we're looking at an 87mph (140kph) top speed and 100-mile (160-km) max range. Of course, knowing the auto industry, by the time it hits the assembly lines it'll likely resemble an unimaginative shoebox using whatever off-the-shelf parts Kia can find. But a boy can dream can't he?

Star Wars cuddlies speak up

I would put this on my Christmas list but I don't know what I would do with it but look at it and laugh every now and then. I love the disproportionate size of these guys. I think I would get Yoda...

There is just something about the Star Wars space opera that has had its fair share of fans with each passing generation (so far). Having made its debut a good 30 years ago, we wonder just how much farther can this cash cow be milked? Well, for quite some time more, we suspect. Just check out these Star Wars cuddlies that won’t break the bank at £29.99 each, where you can choose from R2D2, Darth Vader, Chewbacca and Yoda designs. All of them will come with their own characteristic sound effects, where R2 will beep a whole lot, while Darth Vader seems unable to clear his throat (with all the money and power at his disposal, he can’t even find a good specialist), while Chewbacca yaps away like a distressed walking dog with old man Yoda rambling on and on. All it takes is a single squeeze for them to make a sound or phrase, how cool is that?

Tube Speakers blend in within your purse

Haha! These are really stupid looking. I definitely would NOT carry this around. Besides I don't think everyone wants to hear what I'm listening to...

Lotion is a common item to find in a woman’s purse, so you might as well disguise gadgets as commonly found items. At least that seems to be the Japanese gadget makers way of thinking. After all, they love to model their gadgets after food, jewelry, compacts and many other items you’d find lying around. I suppose if anyone were quickly rummaging through your purse for something to steal they’d at least leave this one alone.

These Colurful Tube Speakers come in yellow, pink, green, blue and black. Each one will hook up to your audio devices and work as a portable speaker. I sincerely doubt it’ll have top of the line sound, but it will be highly portable and inconspicuous. Each one of these sells for 1,980 JPY or about $23.20 through Strapya World.

Lego City Key Light

Who doesn't love Lego!  These are so cute.

Having a little light within reach is always nice. It comes in handy for those times your phone falls off your car seat and slides way back to a dark corner or for some strange idea you can’t seem to find the keyhole on your door. For those cases you could have a very grownup looking Lego City Key Light attached to your set of keys.

These keychains come in policeman, construction worker, fireman and just the normal minifig versions. Each one is the normal size of a minifigurine, they just happen to have 2 white LED lights attached to their feet. Plus, they have a handy little keychain attached to their heads. You can purchase one for $9.95 through the Neatoshop.

28 September 2010

IPong Table Tennis Trainer

I was going to make a Forrest Gump reference but I couldn't think of anything witty enough to say... lol.

Table tennis can be a tricky thing to practice when you don’t have any help. Thankfully there is the IPong for those of you that don’t have anyone to help you out with those practice sessions. It’s a very funny looking device, but it’ll send out as many little yellow balls as you need to keep your ping pong paddle moving.

It’s very similar to a tennis ball machine, it just happens to dish out ping pong balls instead. By turning a handy little knob you can select one of 3 spin settings. There is the underspin, topspin and finally the heavy topspin. The trainer will hold 110 balls and even has an adjustable speed dial that can dish them out from 12 to 70 per minute. You can pick one up through Hammacher Schlemmer for $149.95.

iPad vs. PlayBook... fight!

Go Team Blackberry!

Okay, we've got a long way to go before we can do a fair, apples-to-berries comparison between these two titans of industry, but consider this your first sneak preview of the deathmatch to come. As we mentioned in the previous post, the PlayBook is hopelessly locked away in insanely thick Plexiglas -- and the iPad is unactivated, though that doesn't much matter for getting a sense of the size comparison between 'em. Needless to say, the PlayBook looks way easier to lug around... but we just won't know by how much until we've got one resting in our sweaty, eager palms. Hit up the gallery!

Hello Kitty Silly Bandz

It was just a matter of time...

I have no idea what the purpose of silly bandz are, so I guess it makes perfect sense that the evil feline would want to align herself with them:

hello kitty silly bandz

I thought, for a brief second, that I did know their purpose. But for some unfathomable reason, my wife was not pleased (on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag not pleased) with me when I started shooting Hello Kitty silly bandz around the house like regular rubber bands at her Hello Kitty collection. Lesson learned…now that I know the punishment, I also know that if I decide to shoot at Hello Kitty again, I should choose something that will actually do some damage

Motorola's ridiculously comfortable Oasis headset announced: October 3rd for $80

Funny it doesn't look very comfortable...

If you don't actually want to be able to feel that you've got a Bluetooth earbud hanging off the side of your head, you might want to take a look at the Motorola Oasis, a new boom-style headset announced today. Though it lacks the HX1's so-called "stealth mode" that uses bone conduction to practically eliminate every sound other than your voice, the Oasis is still rated for 12mph of wind resistance and uses dual mics to cancel spurious noise. It'll be available starting October 3 (as an AT&T store exclusive initially) for $79.99, positioning it toward the upper end of the Bluetooth midrange.

We've had a chance to play with the Oasis over the last few days, so follow the break for our impressions!

27 September 2010

Sony's boom beverage speaker now available as American cup holder surrogate

Hmm, it looks like ones of those traveller mugs for your hot beverage....

I'll accidentally want to pick it up and take a sip.

Were you jealous of Japanese commuters getting to ignore their car's multichannel audio system in favor of a bright, 16-watt thermos of beats in their cup holder? Then today's your lucky day, because Audiocubes.com has brought Sony Japan's SRS-V500IP -- which is the iPod friendly version of the RDP-NWV500 sound mug -- state-side. Like the NWV500, it's also available in colors of black, orange, and happiness-inspiring pink, and packs the same Circle Sound Stage speaker system for a full 360 degrees of tuneage. If you don't own an iPod, a 3.5mm audio jack is thrown in to connect other devices like Sony's S740 Walkmen -- double the imported Japanese audio gear, double the Cool Person Points, right? Currently priced at $240, its U.S. availability still doesn't really clarify its practicality. Especially when you consider that your new shiny iPod Nano's color scheme won't even match!

25 September 2010


As you know I watch a lot of Hulu.  I don't ever remember when my shows are on so I catch up on them on line, usually while I'm waiting to go to work.  I had to post this episode of The Dog Whisperer since it's all about puppies!  So adorable!  For those of you who are looking to get a puppy anytime soon here are some tips on how to get a good start to good behavior in your pet.  Enjoy, this video will expire on !0/04/10.

Starbucks Dog of The Week

Finally! Hehe. As if they were on vacation all year...

k@t ^_^

23 September 2010

Verbatim Clip-its USB Drive

I heart portable memory!

USB drives are pretty simple and seem to keep shrinking in size. That’s great for portability, but sometimes you just feel like you should get a little more bang for your buck. Well these Verbatim Clip-its add just enough extra that they could come in very handy. Instead of carrying your USB drive in a bag, you could clip it to something like a notebook you use regularly.

Plus, when you need to release information, you could clip these to some paperwork. All around these would be nice to have. That clip would make them easier to keep track of rather than the USB drives attached to straps or chains. These are supposed to become available in both 2GB and 4GB, but pricing and where they’ll be released is a little bit up in the air. These are listed on the UK site, but nothing on the US website.

22 September 2010

Hello Kitty Finger Tattoo


There are far too many Hello Kitty tattoos out there, but at least this one doesn’t hide exactly how the evil feline feels about you:

hello kitty finger

The irony is that this is that although she feels this way about me, this is also undoubtedly exactly how she feels about her fans and they don’t even realise it (see here, here and here for a few examples). Just saying…

Sent in by Abbie (NSFW blog)

Trek Support backpack promises to keep its contents charged

Hmm, would you buy this, if and when it were available?

Sure, you can just toss an external battery in your backpack to keep your gadgets powered on the go, but why stop there? Some of the 'influencers' over at Quirky didn't, and have come up with this so-called Trek Support backpack as an alternative. As you can see, it packs a removable 'gadget dock,' which can itself be charged up and then in turn charge up to three different USB gadgets simultaneously. You'll also naturally get a dedicated laptop sleeve, plenty of pockets, and a TSA-friendly design. Of course, this is a Quirky project, which means it'll just remain a concept unless it raises the necessary funding through pre-sales. Ready to do your part to make it happen? It'll cost you $130 at the source link below.

John Heffron: Older Women

Hehe, this made me chuckle out loud as I was sitting in Starbucks this morning.

John Heffron: Older Women: "I'm not saying older women are sluttier; I'm just saying, an older woman isn't gonna make you wait 'til three in the morning 'cause she's got sh*t to do the next day. She'll probably have you done by 10. She's got a meeting to get up for. Heck, if she has kids, you might get to leave with one of those cool Lunchables boxes -- get yourself a little snack pack for all the work you put in."

21 September 2010

SEIL Bag Concept could make riding a bicycle easier

This just makes too much sense! Too much!

Getting up and about on a bicycle is something that you might want to consider if you have a heart for the environment, and want to do your bit to help reduce carbon emissions worldwide. Well, one thing’s for sure, there are no indicators to let other motorists know where you’re turning on the road, which is why the SEIL Bag Concept might just do the trick. Winner of a 2010 Red Dot Design award, the SEIL (Safe Enjoy Interact Light) Bag Concept is the brainchild of Lee Myung Su where it allows you to signal your future direction via an LED-enabled backpack, which will be accompanied by a detachable wireless remote that can be mounted on the bicycle’s handlebars. It will also inform those behind you that you have slammed on the brakes in order to slow down and avoid an accident.

You Won’t See This Toy In Your Holiday Catalogs

And y'all thought the Segway was cool... lol. I want one of these! Although I know I would fall off and totally bust my ass on it. Hehe.

Don’t lie, you know you’d love to take the DTV Shredder for just a little spin. I remember having a scooter that had a similar shape, but somehow this Shredder just completely obliterates any minor qualities mine may have featured. I’m sure this has some very practical military uses, but I can’t say that any of the uses that are rolling through my brain would be considered practical.

The DTV Shredder is powered by an on-board 15 horsepower motor and can transport up to 1,200 pounds of equipment. It’s not the fastest thing out there, but it’ll get you where you’re headed at a max speed of 30 mph. The design itself doesn’t come without benefits, the big one being that it’s capable of handling 40 degree slopes. It’s made for reconnaissance, rescue/recovery, mobile surveillance and medical evacuation operations. Like I said, there are practical uses for this big boy toy.

19 September 2010


As you all know a tornado blew through NY... This is the damage in our backyard. Good thing non of it hit the house!

k@t ^_^

Mimoco bumps out yet another Hello Kitty flash drive to celebrate Sanrio's 50th anniversary

Hello Hello Kitty y'all!

It's no secret that we're very fond of Hello Kitty gadgets -- just like pretty much everyone else on the planet. And Sanrio's lucrative partnership with Mimoco has spun the famous cat's rep into... more awesome flash drives. It seems like Sanrio is always celebrating some kind of birthday, and for the company's 50th anniversary they've busted out more than their fair share of gear. This time, it's a 'classic' Hello Kitty flash drive that comes in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB capacities. We're kind of in love with Kitty's elongated face on this model, so if you so choose, you can grab one of these up for a starting price of $34.95.

Poor Little Fish Sink

Haha!  I don't know if people really care about the poor fishy.  But wait a second, fish poop in their water!  I don't know if I want to wash my hands in fish poop water.  Yuck.

Visualization is always a handy way to teach new concepts and get people to reconsider their habits, which is the idea behind this Poor Little Fish Sink. As you take longer and longer to wash those hands, the fish water appears to get lower and lower. It’ll be a big reminder to shut off that water before it causes any harm. However, thankfully the fish is never actually in danger of running out of water.

It has some hidden plumbing that lets the water drain a bit, up to a point. Then it’ll very slowly fill the tank up again to keep the fish safe from going into shock. Sure, people will eventually figure out that the fish is completely safe and they can wash their hands as long as they like, but it’s a nice reminder for those that are trying to remember to conserve waster. This is a concept design by Yan Lu, so right now it’s not actually up for sale.

Jot keeps your cords in place

One more item to go on my Christmas list.

I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten my latpop all set up and ran the cord behind a hotel desk only to bump the magnetic connector and watch the cord fall down behind the desk. Since this doesn’t use an adhesive, you can use it in multiple ways and when you need it somewhere else you can pop it off of the surface without causing any damage to that spot.

This can hold keys, your pens and any cords you’re concerned may fall down into a dark crevice the second you unhook it. It is even a tight enough clamp that you can hold single pieces of paper. Since it does use a suction cup you’ll only be able to use it on a smooth and flat surface. These come in mixed colors, so you don’t actually get to pick a color preference. You can buy them individually for $4.95 through Dream Farm.

18 September 2010

Sapporo Ichiban

Always loved it as a kid, and I'll probably always love it as an adult. :)
k@t ^_^

17 September 2010

BleckBarry raises the bar for KIRFs, casually crawls under it

LMFAO! I might just have to buy this for kicks!

BleckBarry! This is the handset that puts the 'phone' in smartphone but, sadly, leaves out the 'smart.' Featuring a 2-inch display, Bluetooth, a whopping 506KB internal memory, FM and TV (with antenna!), and all the dual SIM action your heart can take, this $62 wonder does one thing well: it makes the BlockBerry look great in comparison.

Lenovo LePad to ship in December, IdeaPad U1 Hybrid dock slated for January 2011

Seeing that swiveling Dell Inspiron Duo earlier this week immediately made us think of the other really enticing tablet / laptop we've been waiting for... Lenovo's IdeaPad U1 Hybrid. To recap: it was over eight months ago that the company unveiled it at CES only to tell us a few months later that it was being shelved for the time being. However, we're hearing now that it's definitely still kicking! According to Lenovo, the 10.1-inch LePad (the tablet part of the U1 Hybrid) will be released in China in December running some version of Android. The LePad (apologies for repeating the name, we just love saying it in a French accent) will then be greeted in January by its 'hybrid option' -- a separate case containing a keyboard and laptop guts. Lenovo didn't have any updates on the internal specs of the docking / hybrid part, though we're assuming it'll still pack some sort of Intel processor and Windows 7 to transform it into a real life laptop. Unfortunately for now, Lenovo's saying the LePad and the Hybrid part will only be available in China, but we're gonna keep wishin' and prayin' that both actually see the light of day and journey across the rough seas.

TravelTeq's 'The Trip Sound' luggage boasts integrated speaker, USB charging port

I just don't know how to feel about this.... lol.

Heaven only knows if you could actually squeeze this thing into the overhead bin of an Airbus A319, but darn if we wouldn't give our left arm to try. TravelTeq's newest piece of luggage makes just about every other average piece of zip-up cloth look downright antediluvian, but with a price tag well north of $700, that's certainly to be expected. It's engineered to be toted onboard your aircraft, with the top doubling as a seat and a set of pull-out wheels ensuring that you never tip it over whilst darting from one end of PHX to the other. It's fairly clear that the technophile was in mind during this unit's creation, as it touts a dedicated laptop pouch, a reinforced aluminum exterior, inbuilt speaker system (two drivers and 15 total watts of power), a 3.5mm auxiliary input, and a port for charging your mobile (or anything else with a USB port, save for an iPad). The Trip Sound is up for order right now, and we're guessing the toughest decision of all will be deciding between white or red wheels.

NES Controller iPhone 4 Decal

For those of you who are gamers...

Sure, your iPhone is shiny, new and very modern, but you still can’t help but love that old technology from years before. After all, you spent hours perfecting your skill on your Nintendo NES, so you might as well show it a litle love. Besides, your iPhone needs a little something to make it a ibt more personalized. Otherwise you’re stuck carrying around one clone of thousands.

These are full color vinyl stickers that can be slapped on the back of your phone. Thankfully the creators really didn’t want some cheap decal on the back of your expensive iPhone 4, so they used the high quality materials instead of cheap stickers from your local office supply store. Despite the higher quality materials, it won’t cost you too much. You can currently pick one up through Etsy for $5 a piece.

Source: GeekyGadgets

Microsoft Metro mouse leaks out, promises BlueTrack for $20

I love cool looking tech stuff.

Not a ton of details here, but Russian website TheVista.ru has turned up some seemingly legit materials for a hereto unheard of Metro Mouse from Microsoft, which is apparently a new addition to the company's BlueTrack line -- and Microsoft's latest use for the 'Metro' name. At just $20, it'd also be the cheapest in the line and, like some of the other models, it's designed to be used either left or right-handed. Assuming this leak actually pans out, you can look for this one to be available sometime in March.

16 September 2010

Food for Thought on Men and Women

As you know I've been following this blog written by Jozen Cummings.  He writes on the dynamics of men and women.  Occasionally he will write something that sets off a tiny little refrigerator sized light bulb in my head.  Although this is just one man's opinion it's always good to make these mental notes on how the opposite sex thinks.  We as women sometimes get caught up in looking at things on our side we forget that men don't think like we do.

"The woman a man is attracted to the most, above all other women, is the woman who is into him. She is the woman who caught his eye because he caught her eye, the woman who checked him out and said with her eyes, “Come here.” The woman who was attracted to him is the woman he wants the most, and that is why I don’t want to date a woman who thinks I’m only okay looking. Sorry, I’m just not attracted to the woman who isn’t attracted to me and ask anyone who knows me, I only date the women to whom I’m attracted."

15 September 2010

Dog Poop Powered Park Lamp

Haha! Now only if they could do this with human poop we wouldn't have to ever deal with trying to get oil from the Middle East...

Lamps in parks need something to keep them powered and that means the city is taking care of that bill and burning up precious energy all so you can have a midnight stroll. Well now your freeloading pooch can do its part to make your park a little more environmentally friendly. The Park Spark is a system that uses your dog poop to power the lights in the park.

This is already in use in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It works by you picking up your poop with the usual biodegradable bag and then you put the poop in a tube within the Park Spark. You then turn the crank and it’ll turn that poop into methane gases. Those gases then rise up and combust. Hopefully more parks will start using this method to keep frequent dog lover parks up and going.

10 September 2010

Foreign Flick Fridays

No comment on todays movie.  I think I'll actually sit down to watch it this weekend.  Lol.  Have a good weekend, y'all.

Viva Laldjerie

Three women: a modern young woman, her mother and a local prostitute have been living in a hotel in the heart of Algiers amid creeping fundamentalism.  Goucem, the daughter, has chosen a modern, emancipated life, spending steamy weekends in nightclubs.  Fifi, her faithful friend, prostitutes herself under the thumb of a local protector.  Papicha, the mother, eats pizzas in front of the television, torn between fear and nostalgia.

Plumen Designer Light Bulb

Oh these are so cool!

Now only if I had the need for them. My folks bought a crap load of those ugly ones since they were on sale and cheap. Oh well.

I like how long compact fluorescent bulb last, but I’ve never really liked the look of them. As busy as the coils are I’ve thought for a while that there are certain lamps it looks really strange used within. Apparently I’m not the only one to feel that way, because this bulb was created this way just for the looks. Plumen 001 is the world’s first designer low energy light bulb.

It will work great with or without a shade, although I can’t say that I see the point in using a designer bulb and then hiding it with a lampshade. Like your average low energy bulb it’ll save you a bit on your energy bill and will last 8 times longer than a standard light bulb. One bad thing is that it won’t work at all in the US, but those of you in Europe can pick one up. You can purchase one for £20.00 or about $30.

Source: OhGizmo

08 September 2010

It's Ko-Sha

So, uh, my uncle came home with some bread from the kosher bakery. Maybe it's me but this challah bread kinda looks like ....

k@t ^_^