30 November 2010

Dell Inspiron Duo review

For those of you who are looking for a tablet but don't want to give up the keyboard.

When Dell first demoed the Inspiron Duo and its vertically rotating screen on stage at IDF in September, our mouths nearly hit the floor. It looked like a plain old netbook until its 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen did a magical backflip and folded down over its keyboard to morph into a tablet. It was like nothing we'd ever seen before. And we actually figured it would be the sort of system that would stay locked up in Dell's labs, but when its specs were revealed -- a dual-core Atom N550 processor, 2GB of RAM, and Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator -- it became evident that the netbook / tablet hybrid was the real deal. Running Windows 7 Home Premium and Dell's new Stage interface, the $550 netvertible has the potential to successfully straddle both the netbook and tablet world. It also has a real shot at being the perfect device for those wavering between buying a netbook and a tablet. Indeed, the Duo is filled to the brim with potential, but what's the thing really like to use? We've spent the last few days with the Duo (and its Duo Audio Station) to find out, so hit the break for the official Engadget review!

Editor's note: The review unit Dell sent us was a hardware production unit, but we were told the software was about 95 percent done. We will update this review with our impressions of the final unit when we receive it.

29 November 2010

Radio Flyer Classic Bumper Car

For those of you who have little kids..... this is really cute.

Bumper cars belong to the realm of carnivals and fun fairs, eh? Well, apparently not any more these days, especially when you have the $59.99 Radio Flyer Classic Bumper Car. This classic piece of work can now be enjoyed every single day, guaranteed to drive you nuts if you’re sick and tired of fun fair ditties. After all, it will come with seven sounds which are activated with bumping action. This wall-friendly bumper is safe to play at home, since it won’t mark your walls or furniture thanks to foam bumpers. Purchasing multiple cars are perfect for kids aged 1 to 3 to bump into each other, saving you a whole lot of money compared to bringing them to the fun fair frequently and forking out dollar after dollar for them to have some fun. Something tells me that the age range for this toy won’t make it too appealing for adults who are looking for value-for-money purchases in the long run….

Fivepoint gloves – Because regular gloves get in the way of your tech

For those Apple-heads....

It’s already that time of year again, the chill in the air, all the leaves off the trees and the temperature dipping past the freezing mark. I love the cold weather and I look forward to the holidays, but geez, I hate how gloves just seem to get in the way of everything. I cant use my smartphone without taking them off. My iPod, forget it, and my camera.. I’ve missed many a shot because I was to darn cold to take my gloves off to set up the picture properly on the touch-screen.

Well I have just the thing for you, and just in time for winter. Fivepoint gloves, with specially-designed conductive fingertips, they let you type and tap on your touch-screens without ever taking them off. Awesome.

Made of lambswool, manufactured in the UK and available in 3 sizes, Fivepoint gloves can be hand washed in cool water or dry cleaned. They are compatible with all touch-screens and allow precise input to your device. Now I can use all my stuff and still keep my hands warm and dry. I’m loving it.

Available in Oxford blue with grey fingertips, with more styles coming soon for under $40.00 bucks.

Available for pre-order now at www.etreshop.com

28 November 2010

Phone SIM Locks: Why Do Carriers Even Bother?

Haha, this image is hilarious.

Phone SIM Locks: Why Do Carriers Even Bother?: "We've been down this road before: a new iOS version is released that undoes all of the nasty stuff hackers did to the previous version. A week later those same hackers blow out a jailbreak and then a few days later they release a full unlock (the latest iOS unlock is only for 3G and 3GS right now, so iPhone 4 users are stuck for now.) Given that this is pretty much standard procedure, why don't carriers just give up?

Sadly, most other phones don't get this sort of white glove treatment. A grey market exists that traffics in phone unlocks for many devices including Blackberries and Nokias. Why? Because someone, somewhere wants to move their phone from country A to country B. The vast majority of phone users will never want to this but there is still plenty of demand.

So why not ship without the lock? Well, there are a few possible answers, barring the obvious 'Carriers suck.'

Hello Kitty Fetus

Re-posted from Hello Kitty Hell:

Err, I don't know how to feel about this.....

Because there is absolutely nothing that the evil feline believes can’t be Hello Kittified, you have things like the Hello Kitty uterus plush, the Hello Kitty bondage room, the Hello Kitty retainer and Hello Kitty motor oil (it’s quite sad that I could go on and on with this list). Suffice to say, Hello Kitty once again shows us that she is willing to make anything in her image to make a buck — including the Hello Kitty fetus:

hello kitty fetus

hello kitty fetus in jar

I’m actually scared to imagine where the people at Sanrio are planning to go from here…

Sent in by Jason Freeny via his facebook page

24 November 2010

Sakadachi Nyachi: Sega’s New Robot Cat

And it breakdances too! Awww yeahhhh....

In 2006, Sega Toys in Japan started selling a whole series of robotic animals: dogs, hamsters, and puppies, for example. One of the most impressive toy robots was the so-called Dream Cat Venus released last year, and Sega Toys now has a new robo cat in its line-up, the Sakadachi Nyachi [JP]. It’s not as realistic as Venus, but it’s much cuter.

Sega says that just like Venus, Nyachi can act realistically when you touch or speak to it. Say “Hello” (in Japanese) and it will greet you back, for example. Nyachi can even sing when you ask it to – this one is for the kids, you know. The cat boasts a total of 13 different patterns of behavior.

Nyachi is sized at 160x250x350mm and weighs 600g. Sega Toys is already selling it in Japan but if you’re interested and live outside this country, you can order the cat over at Geek Stuff 4 U, too (special Christmas price: $174).

21 November 2010

It's Good to be Bear

Apparently someone doesn't have any Sunday chores to do....

k@t ^_^

Bear's New Toy

The dog friendly Ace Hardware store gave Bear a squeaky hot dog toy...

Someone wants his hot dog toy with him all the time.

18 November 2010

Bunny macaron maker

Oh man! I want one of these!


I am obsessed with macarons- and yes, I know that sounds very Marcel from Top Chef, but macaroons are the big gooey coconut cookies, and these tiny, egg white/ground nut filled sandwich cookies are, to me, much more delicate and special. They are indescribably delicious, but notoriously difficult to make.

My all-time favorite online shop, Strapya, now has a shorcut which promises to make the process a tad easier, and the final results much much much cuter. What's cuter than a cookie the size of a tip of thumb? How about one that looks like a bunny or a bear? The hardest part of making macarons is the piping (squeezing out the sticky, stiff dough into perfect circles) so the At-home macaron maker provides a template- basically like batter stencils, which you you use to make your macarons perfect. There's also a hand mixer, which presumably assists in making sure you don't under or over beat your macaron batter which is far too easy to do with a powerful electric hand mixer. This is so charmingly Easy-Bake, even though I realize it doesn't actually look all that easy.

Available for pre-order, for about $27, at Strapya.

TEXTAURANT – “Wait online, not in line.”

Okay, this might work in an ideal situation but how long is the restaurant supposed to wait until you get there? You could be 1/2 hour away when your table becomes ready! Then everyone else after you has to wait longer??? Is it me?  And no I didn't write the blurb about it... I just reposted it.

I have to be honest, I love living in New York City, everything about it. Okay, almost everything about it. I admit that trying to grab a table at my favorite restaurant on a Saturday night without *gasp* a reservation is a bit nerve racking, you know, the never ending standing around while watching other people eat, the silent deals you make in your head if the people at the tables will just shut up and pay their bill already.

So isn’t it great that coming soon, to a restaurant near you, is Textaurant, a new software that lets you wait anywhere you want to. Instead of walking around with your giant flashing pager within the confines of the restaurant where you wish to dine, you check out the restaurant online, see their wait times and enter yourself into the queue from where ever you are, and then you proceed to wait, however and wherever you would like. When your table is ready, you receive a free alert on your mobile device. It’s that simple. It certainly seem like a win-win for both patrons and the restaurant owners. The developers of the project have also left an avenue for guests to receive special offers or discounts if they would like them.

Sign up for news and added locations. It may not be in your area yet, but if you live in the US I’m sure you’ll have it soon. Anyone feel like Thai?

Just In Time For Breakfast: The Egg Cuber

Haha, This so so cool... I want square eggs.

Say, for example, you’re the kind of person who abhors curves. You’re very linear, very Borg-like. Well, this is the egg cuber for you. For $5.99 you can hard boil your favorite ovoid objects into a squat little cube, forcing the cantilevered majesty of the your hen-fruit into the straight-edge box of conformity.

Crushes hot hard-boiled eggs into cube shapes

Acrylic construction comes apart for easy cleanup

Dishwasher safe

Makes cool stratified hors-d’oeuvres and sushi, too!

This could make a good Secret Santa gift for that certain someone who hates change.

14 November 2010

Starbucks Dog of The Week

He's kinda cute in an ugly way, hee hee. But he was friendly. Liked being pet, even by strangers.

k@t ^_^

13 November 2010

LEGO Minifig Alarm Clock

For all you Lego fans out there. I think these are especially cool because they're Star Wars. I don't think it would be as cool if they were just regular Lego characters.

LEGO can be one of the better investments for your little one whenever he/she yearns for a new toy, since a whole bag of colorful bricks can always be used over and over again to create a new “toy”, depending on the kind of imagination you have. Enter the LEGO Minifig Alarm Clock that is pretty self-explanatory actually, where it comes in the form of a LEGO minifig complete with a digital clock that has been embedded into the minifig’s stomach. You will have to be on the Dark Side this time around since you can only choose from Stormtrooper or Darth Vader designs at $29.99 a pop. You can be sure that Darth Vader will use the power of the Force to help you get out of bed during those cold mornings when you prefer to snuggle under the blanket. As for the Stormtrooper, imagine that he is zapping your ears with some sort of aural laser to keep those sleepy eyelids open! Measuring 8″ tall, this would make for the perfect nightstand companion.

07 November 2010

PY Explores Paris


There it is!  Le Tower Eiffel!  Too bad it was such a grey and rainy day....

The Seine, lots of bridges to cross from one side of Paris to another.

I found a piece by the French graffiti artist Space Invader on a wall in the Montmarte neighborhood while hoofing it up the hill to see the Sacre Coeur.
I saw another piece from Space Invader but this time in the Marais neighborhood/district.  Marais was the old Jewish Quarter and is also now "the Castro District" of Paris.  But less fun.  The French really like their formalities.

Here's the church, Sacre Coeur.  Apparently the stones used to build the church excrete some substance that keeps it white when it gets wet.  Now that's smart. 
There's everyone on the steps trying to get a photo in front of the church.

On Rue du Rivoli.  This was the 5th carousel I've seen in two days, (this is the biggest and fanciest).  I've seen small ones in neighborhood squares and even one outside a Metro station.
It could be that the French just love their kids.  I have to say they have the best childrens' clothing and toy stores around.  All the kids are well dressed and hanging onto their cool stuffed animals.

At the same place on Rue du Rivoli with the big carousel and the well dressed kids.  Fountains are everywhere.  Though there are more gardens.  Okay, so the French love their gardens too.

Even the damn fish market is quite presentable.  None of that US hyper-cleanliness habit here.  The guys just take the seafood with their bare hands and placing them in plastic bags for their customers.

Sadly fish is generally not cooked well at mid-priced restaurants here so I'm guessing they're better cooked at home.  Shellfish is big here, especially oysters.  I wanted to take a pic of an oyster bar but didn't get the chance.

The Marais District
In addition to being the Jewish and Gay neighborhood this neighborhood is the equivalent of a NYC SoHo shopping area with many cool shops, galleries, and places to snack.
I need to come back with my passport when I'm back in January as that's when everything officially goes on sale.
There's the original APC, Surface to Air, Vanessa Bruno, and many more cool shops in the neighborhood.  Though I did see an American Apparel...

These are truly delicious pastries.  And it's pronounced "ma-crons."  NOT "mac-a-roons."
I heard Lauderer was not worth waiting in line so I just bought some from the other big name, Pierre Hermes.  This pic is from one of the many pastisseries in Paris.

A shot of the I.M. Pei pyramids on a rainy evening.  Since this was on a Saturday it was still crowded.

Paris has leash laws.  But apparently only in parks since I've seen many a pup off leash.  The poop incidents aren't as bad as reported and the dogs, when they have clothes, do have more fashionable outfits than their American cousins.

I have to give it to the French for the free and clean public bathrooms.  Some do smell "fresher" than others but they all seem to be pretty clean.

Went to a Japanese restaurant recommended by someone.  I ordered a "menu complet" of shoyu ramen and gyoza.  Turns out my gyoza is like one big gyoza instead of 6.  Here's a shot of the ramen. The pork is really good.  Nice and tender with just enough fat...

Here's the window display of one of the simpler florist shops.  Yes.  Simple.  I think design is just in their genes.

I've heard France is more Catholic than Italy so it makes sense that Christmas is a big deal.
Though I thought the US was the only one that went retail crazy over Christmas...
Here's the Galeries Lafayette.  What's you're missing here is the lights actually do a sequence of changes for a light show.

Cheese shops of this size and smaller shops are common in Paris.  I haven't tried any of the real strong cheese yet but don't think I will have time seeing as work is sucking up too much time, lol.

Got myself a croissant pan chocolat along with some other pastry that looked croissant-like from a famous bakery called Arnaud Delmonte. 
As you can see there's a line though they're mainly there to buy bread as that's what he's known for. I read to go for the almond croissants but they were already gone by 11am!

Check out the bottom shelf of terrines!

Look at how beautiful the meat is!  Delicious.

Look, I'm making milk bubbles!!!

Hehe, porcupines are so cute.

I've seen this post all over the internet.  I wasn't going to post it but I know some of you don't surf blogs, so here it is.  I'm the guy on the bottom.  Lol.

How Smartphone users see each other


Hmm, I wonder what's inside the candy... Hehe.

06 November 2010

Baby Giraffe

I don't know why I found this so funny, I guess it's the look on his face.  Hehehe.