31 October 2011

Worst Steve Jobs Tribute Ever

Well, I thought it was kind of funny if you ask me....

Sometimes I forget that Hello Kitty looks at every event that makes the news as an opportunity to promote herself no matter how utterly distasteful doing so may be. A perfect example of this is the evil feline’s decision to create a Hello Kitty Steve Jobs as a memorial tribute as if anyone (besides the fanatics) could ever view this as something positive. See for yourself:

Worst Steve Jobs memorial tribute ever by Hello Kitty and Sanrio

What’s probably most ironic is that while many other computer companies were more than willing to cover their computers and other gadgets with Hello Kitty, I can’t think of anyone who could ever imagine Steve Jobs allowing this type of gimmick to occur to any Apple product. You know that Hello Kitty probably begged and begged to produce any limited edition Apple product and was spurned time and again. So having failed while he was alive, they immediately turn him into Hello Kitty upon his death when he can no longer defend himself. I’m not sure I can think of many things that are quite as Hello Kitty Hellish as that…

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28 October 2011

UFO ice cube trays

UFO ice cube trays:


A cute and quirky little idea that kids will love! Fill the tray full of water for 11 UFO ice cubes or jello for lots of multi-coloured martian desserts.

Hello Kitty Lego Halloween

These are so cute! And creative.... I wish I were creative :)

Apparently there are some people that aren’t simply satisfied with ruining Halloween with an abundance of the evil feline, but also feel it necessary to throw in another beloved iconic toy to ruin as well. When this happens, the result is stuff like the Hello Kitty Lego Halloween figures:

Hello Kitty Lego Halloween figure set

Hello Kitty Lego Dracula Halloween figure

Hello Kitty Lego Frankenstein Halloween figure

Hello Kitty Lego pumpkin head Halloween figure

Hello Kitty Lego skeleton Halloween figure

There should be a special place waiting in Hello Kitty hell for any person that does something like this…

27 October 2011

Alianoid Humidifier looks like a little creature from outer space

I love designy things.... only if this came out before I bought my cheapy humidifier from Walmart!  Bool


A humidifier may not be the most exciting product you can buy for your home, but we love this interesting new design from Minwoo Lee which turns a regular humidifier into a little alien-like creature.

Hello Kitty Cigarettes

Err..... um.... yeah.....

There really was no doubt left that Hello Kitty would put her name and likeness on anything and everything after she decided that the Hello Kitty vibrator (oh, sorry, I meant “shoulder massager”) was actually an acceptable item for the evil feline to promote. Since Hello Kitty alcohol was also deemed age appropriate for all the fanatics, was it really that much of a stretch to believe that Hello Kitty cigarettes would appear at some point?

Hello Kitty lights filtered cigarettes

Completely disregarding the irony that a cat with no mouth (but an extreme oral fixation) wants to help girls be beautiful, happy and healthy by encouraging them to suck away on cancer sticks (I have no doubt that they have been engineered in such a way that when the cancer appears, it’s in the shape of Hello Kitty’s face), my biggest fear would be what they actually taste like. One would assume that it would be impossible for cigarettes to taste any worse than they already do, but that would not be giving Hello Kitty her due when it comes to making things worse when it seems impossible to do so. Or maybe she will make them taste so sickly sweet that fanatics can’t resist them. Then they will become so addicted and smoke so many packs that they begin dying off. Maybe Hello Kitty cigarettes aren’t such a bad idea after all…

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20 October 2011

Wooden retro camera iPhone case

I'm not an iPhone person but I thought this was really cool looking.


We love the quirky, retro camera case featured on Like Cool today, which is presumably homemade as we can't find a link to buy it...

Now where's that saw!?

Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System

Haha!  If I had kids I would totally get ones of these.  Only if it played the theme it would be golden!

You grew up watching Star Trek on your TV, and did keep your fingers crossed that one day, you will be able to pass on the love for the sci-fi franchise down to your next generation. Well, now that you’re married and all with a kid in tow, here’s your chance. Inculcate the early doctrines of Star Trek through subtle use of items around your kid, such as the $24.99 Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System.

After all, feeding a toddler is not an easy taks, as he/she tends to be extremely distracted, and sometimes when you’re tired, you do not want a lengthy feeding session since there are still a thousand and one other chores to finish up. Not with the Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System in tow though, since it will definitely capture the attention of your geekling, and guide all the food straight to his/her mouth without any problem. Batteries in the in plane are replaceable, although the ones in the bib are not.

“Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you...

I had to re-post this..... re-posted from Thick Dumpling Skin

“Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you...:

“Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality.” - Les Brown

Remember, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

This post is part of the 2011 Love Your Body Day Blog Carnival.

15 October 2011

Rich Vos: Best Relationship Ever

Rich Vos: Best Relationship Ever: The best relationship I ever had -- I used to go out with a homeless girl. Yeah, it was great 'cause after sex, I could just drop her off anywhere.

13 October 2011

Scented gummi bear headphones

Yum... lol.


These Gummi Bear Earbuds don't just look like the classic little sweets, they also smell like them too!

Each different color has a matching scent, including red for strawberry, green for apple and blue for blueberry. They're certainly cute and quirky, but will a fake and sickly sweet scent be a little irritating?!

The Gummi Bear Earbuds are available from Fredflare.com for $18.

A paper clip AND a USB stick?!

These are really nifty.  You can never have enough storage.


If you look hard enough you'll probably find a USB stick in every shape, size and color. There are those shaped like animals, body parts, pieces of food... You name it, someone has most probably created a USB stick in the shape of it.

So, it's good to see a USB stick (or pen, or drive, or memory device, or whatever you prefer) that's actually functional as well as being a little bit cute and quirky.

The Data Clip, designed by the clever minds at nendo Japan, is a USB stick that doubles up as a paper clip, meaning it's much less likely to be misplaced. I can imagine The Data Clip being particularly popular in schools when students have to hand in both electronic copies and hard copies of their work.

Via Like Cool.

R2-D2 Ice Cube Trays

So cool!  But don't we all have ice makers in our fridges now a days?

Who would have thought in a million years that a movie franchise such as Star Wars would end up being super profitable, never mind that the prequels that came out a couple of decades after Episodes IV, V and VI disappointed certain quarters? Well, the merchandise from the Star Wars universe over the years certainly added quite a handsome amount of dough into George Lucas’ bank account, and it seems as though this particular gravy train is not going to stop anytime soon.

The latest to roll out from the Skywalker Ranch would be these R2-D2 Ice Cube Trays, and the name itself is pretty much self-explanatory. These ice cube trays will feature the shape of everyone’s favorite astromech droid, R2-D2, where you will be able to freeze four small Artoos at once in addition to a large version, making it the perfect kitchen utensil to own whenever you want to throw a party for your friends who are absolute Star Wars fanatics.

At $9.99 a pop, surely this is not too much of a burden on your monthly finances?

Hello Kitty Dog’s World

While I don’t believe that anyone actually lives more of a Hello Kitty Hellish life than myself, I really do feel for the pet owners of Hello Kitty fanatics. Especially dogs who must have done some pretty horrific things in their past life to have been dealt such a humiliating hand in this one. Here is yet another prime example of what those poor dogs must endure:

Hello Kitty sleeping mask on dog

When you hear about those dogs that go around destroying houses by chewing on anything and everything within the house, you can be pretty sure that the cause of it was the pet owner doing something like this to it…

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Mini Mez-Itz Batmobile with Batman

Ever read a Batman comic and wondered just what you would have done differently if you were the caped crusader? Sure, you have the benefit of hindsight since you know how the story pans out, but pretend for a while that you are in Bruce Wayne’s shoes – would you do what he has done? If you feel that you would have taken a different route, then might I interest you in the $19.99 Mini Mez-Itz Batmobile with Batman that allows you to relive those crucial moments in the comics, but with your own style?

The Mini Mez-Itz Batmobile with Batman set is miniature goodness at its very best – Batman here measures a mere 2″ in height, but you can definitely let your imagination run wild. Boasting a real cloth cape, the mini Batmobile comes with a removable hard top, letting Batman (and his sidekick of choice) jump out and save the day.

Even the dash is highly detailed, sporting a wide range of buttons and switches, and obviously for privacy’s sake, the windows will be tinted (partly because they are made out of solid plastic). This is the perfect desk set for Batman fans to have their imagination run wild. Just be more liberal with your thoughts, since the Batmobile has wheels that will not roll.

Jeff Dunham: Tattoos as Cover-up

Jeff Dunham: Tattoos as Cover-up: Jeff Dunham: Did you get the tattoo?

Walter: Hell no.

Jeff Dunham: Well if you had, what would you have gotten?

Walter: I would have gotten a beautiful woman's face.

Jeff Dunham: Ah, and where would you have put it?

Walter: On my wife's face.

Dog tags get QR codes


QR codes are being used everywhere at the moment, on advertisements, products, tattoos, gravestones.. yes, you read right GRAVESTONES.

But as crazy as some uses so far have been, we LOVE this idea from innovative pet company Platinum Pets, which adds a QR code to your little critter's ID tag.

By adding a QR code you can make sure anyone who finds your pet will have access to all kinds of important information, including contact details, vetinary and insurance information and even if you'll offer them a reward!

Of course not everyone is going to know what to do with a QR code, but the more popular they get, the more useful these little pet ID tags will become. They're also only $10 on Amazon at the moment, so they're a must for dog (or cat) lovers!

Eliot Chang: That Stupid Friend

Eliot Chang: That Stupid Friend: We all can agree, no matter what color you are, every group of friends has that one stupid friend. Look around you, you'll find one. If you can't find one, it's you.

The iPhone case that looks like a hand

OMG! So creepy!


We've come across a lot of weird and wonderful tech accessories recently, but none that have been made to look and feel like a body part.

The Dokkiri Hand Case for the iPhone 4 is beyond creepy, no matter how happy and normal the models on the Strapaya World website seem to think it is. However, it would make a pretty unique gift for that friend who seems to have everything, or be a great prank for Halloween.

Available from Strapaya World for a pretty hefty $64.20.

Talking Bender Figure

Futurama fans, it is time to sit up and take notice of the Talking Bender Figure! Standing tall (or short, depending on your point of view) at 9″, this is a full fledged talking Bender figure from the Futurama cartoon series. He will definitely rattle off your favorite, what shall we call it, Benderisms in order to inject some humor into the situation, especially when it gets particularly tense around the water cooler.

Bender’s ribcage compartment can also be opened up for you to stash away some of the more secretive items, or stuff that you do not want your colleagues to find out about. The Talking Bender Figure will retail for $24.99 a pop, and all it takes to get him talking would be to press a button, and he’ll rattle away digitally. A desktop companion with an attitude – we definitely could do with one of these at the office.