29 May 2010

Starbucks Dog of The Week

So this weekend there are not a lot of dogs around. Most Upper East Siders leave the city once a holiday weekend rolls around. I saw a couple way way across the street but none close enough to take a picture. Maybe one will come along soon.
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26 May 2010


Since my blogs have been lacking of late my luck has turns around with the doggie pics. I saw this little guy on the way to work this morning. He was so cute I had to stop to pet him.

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24 May 2010

Foreign Flick of the Week

Okay, so I'm going to try this in addition to the Starbucks Dog of the Week since that doesn't always happen...  I think with the dog pics I'm going to be more aggressive and as the owners if I could take a pic of their dogs for my blog.  Not sure how receptive these Upper East Siders will be, I guess there's only one way to find out.

In the meantime, I watched this film staring Penelope Cruz this weekend.  I didn't like her when she first hit the big screens but for some strange reason she's grown on me.  She's one of those women that the more you look at her the more attractive she gets.  I have to say that I enjoy her Spanish speaking language films better, maybe because I like foreign and/or independent films better to begin with.  Okay, enough babbling.  Enjoy!

Description:  Heaven has sent its best, and the devil has enlisted his worse - Victoria Abril and Penelope Cruz co-star as agents doing battle for ultimate supremacy.  The winner is to be decided by whomever can secure the soul of a short-tempered, punch-drunk boxer on Earth.  These sexy angels pull no punches, using their brains, wiles and of course, sex appeal.  Damnation has never been this seductive, and seduction more heavenly.

22 May 2010

21 May 2010

Hello Kitty Briefs

Haha, OMG too funny!

Living in Hello Kitty Hell ensures that there are plenty of mentally traumatic experiences that have to be survived on a regular basis. That being said, some of these are much more traumatic than others. The existence of Hello Kitty low rise underwear for men was one such instance and became even more traumatic when a variety of themed Hello Kitty underwear showed up at our door.

Now most people would see the above as proof that the evil feline had finally reached her limits. Of course, they would be wrong. Hello Kitty is always able to make something that one would assume could never get worse, oh so much more so. The Hello Kitty men’s skimpy briefs are further proof of this:

hello kitty manties

hello kitty manties blue

hello kitty manties white

According to their product description, these Hello Kitty men’s briefs are the following (their wording):

Low rise men’s briefs underwear. So sexy, so lovely, so cute! Make you so Shining!

I don’t even want to think what will happen when my wife sees that these are available because it will surely mean moving to further depths of Hello Kitty Hell…

Left in the comments by Clint Catalyst who should be forced to wear these every day for the rest of his life as punishment for ever thinking that letting me know about these could possibly result in anything positive.

18 May 2010

14 May 2010

Nail Cap hides nails under cute cover

Hey this is a cool idea....

This has to be the most simple way to decoratively hang things in your home. With this you can stick with your ordinary nails, it just manages to hide the nail underneath a cute little cap. The best part is that this can be used time and time again in all different areas, unlike the decorative hooks you’d normally pick up at the store. Hooks will eventually wear out and become difficult to screw into the wall.

These are at the very least the most happy hooks I’ve ever come across. They are featured in all sorts of colors. You can use them for anything from hanging your car keys or as a quick way to keep hats and sweaters off of the floor. Sadly these are just a design from Jung-Woo Lee for Ek Design. Even if it is just a design right now though, it’d be perfect for a seller like Perpetual Kid.

09 May 2010

Mashi Maro Oh Oh

I washed my Mashi Maro doll today because he fell on the floor of the car and got all dirty. I think his body got a little distorted in the washing and drying process... Oops. At least he smells good and is now soft and fluffy.

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08 May 2010

Starbucks Dog of the Week

Okay, okay so he's across the street. Maybe another one will come along on this side of the street.

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04 May 2010

Phone for the elderly has SOS function

I think my folks would be offended if I got them a big button cell phone.... hee hee.

Alright so this does look highly similar to the joke remote controls that you give anyone turning 40 or 50, but this does have a lot of useful qualities. When you’re half blind, you might want a cellphone that allows for you to read the numbers easily. If an elderly person normally has to whip out the reading glasses to read the numbers, then this would save them the hassle. Plus there is also an added function for those emergency situations.

Should the elderly person fall and need help, instead of dialing 911 they can press the SOS button. Ahead of time they can set the emergency number to call in case the SOS button is ever pushed. It can call or text up to 4 numbers. Then after it’s pushed it will begin making a loud warning sound. Plus it also has a flashlight and an FM radio. You can purchase one of these for $70 through Shopkami.

02 May 2010

Anti-Peep USB Webcam

This is so cute!

The creepy thing about webcams is visiting someone’s house and attempting to make sure their webcam light isn’t on. After all they could be attempting to catch a prank on camera or if you’re there with a prospective partner they could be attempting to record other actions. With this Anti-Peep cam, everyone will know when your cam isn’t in use and give them the confidence to relax. It’s a good way for the usual person to let everyone know that they’re not a creep or notorious prankster.

This Chinese camera will automatically cover up its own eyes whenever you’re finished with your video session. Then when you want to begin again the hands will lower, so you don’t have to worry about doing it manually. Of course should you need to, you can move the arms manually without harming the mechanics of the webcam. Since this is from the Chineses gadget seller, Gsou, this might be hard to get your hands on outside of China.