29 October 2009


I was forwarded these images the other day, the ice formations are so pretty.  It's amazing to me that these things happened naturally due to temperature changes.

21 October 2009

Anthony and Melissa's Wedding

So the special day was this past Sunday. It was awesome to be there. I didn't take as many pics as I thought I would so I'll have to wait for the actual album from the professional photographers. I'm excited to see them, I can't wait.

17 October 2009


It's been so long since I've spoiled myself. If anything this is the most girly thing I really like to do. felt so relaxing, ahh. Oh and tomorrow is Melissa's wedding! Yay! That's the real reason I decided to actually spend the money to get them done. I'm glad I did though, feels great!

14 October 2009


So the cart guy from whom I buy my coffee in the morning apparently has a crush on me. So he gave me a free cupcake/muffin thingy. I didn't get to go get lunch today so I guess this is lunch...

12 October 2009

Lost Little Bird

There was a little birdie sitting outside my store today. it looked lost and cold. I felt bad for it but I know birds carry diseases and what not so I didn't try to take it home and take care of it.

11 October 2009

Vegitarian Dinner

Tofu balls... yes that's what they called them not me!  Lol.

"Sea Bass"

Yummy appetizer platter.  All tofu of course.

We haven't been to this restaurant in a long time since pops cooks dinner every night now but it was nice to eat out.  We of course took food home since there was only 3 of us eating.  So yummy.

k@t ^_^