26 October 2010

Dyson Groom Brush cleans up hair as you brush

But what dog likes to be around the whirring sound ov the vacuum???

I love my dog, but he sheds like crazy. I finally have made him a dog that is mostly outside just because I really didn’t want the hair everywhere. Despite owning a fancy pet hair model vacuum the hair was still around. Well Dyson now has a vacuum that not only cleans up the hair on the floor, but also the hair that’s still lightly clinging to your dog.

This comes from the Japanese end of Dyson and will suck that hair right off of your dog. It has a brush to get deep down in their fur coat. If you already own a fancy Dyson pet themed vacuum you won’t need to pick up a brand new vacuum cleaner. Instead you can pick up the attachment all by itself for $90. Although it could be tricky since there’s no word on whether or not this is actually in the US or UK.

Source: OhGizmo

Hello Kitty Reebok Plush Shoes

Haha! Wow, I don't think I could do it.... but if I were 16 again maybe I would. :)

Every time it gets to the point where I believe that things can never get worse, the evil feline makes sure to let me know that Hello Kitty Hell can always get worse. It is distressing (and more than a little disturbing) that I still have people asking me where they can find Hello Kitty Converse shoes 4 years after first posting about them (not to mention Hello Kitty fanatics wishing me dead for refusing to tell them where my wife got them).

Once the people at Sanrio saw all the fuss these were causing, they decided that Hello Kitty x shoes was an impossible to lose combination which lead to unfortunate creations such as Hello Kitty Asics shoes, Hello Kitty Reebok shoes and Hello Kitty Nike shoes (not to mention Hello Kitty bowling shoes and Hello Kitty heels)

Any normal person would imagine that Sanrio had fully exploited this combo, but it now appears that they have just started by adding another horrifying aspect to the mix. Instead of leaving bad enough alone at Hello Kitty x Reebok, the powers driving Hello Kitty Hell decided that to really torture most of us, a Hello Kitty x Reebok x plush combination was somehow a good idea:

hello kitty plush Reebok shoes

hello kitty Reebok plush sneakers

hello kitty Reebok plush shoes

hello kitty plush Reebok sneakers

hello kitty plush shoes

If anyone ever sees a Hello Kitty fanatic wearing a apir of these on the street, feel free to put their significant other out of his misery because there is no doubt that is the only thing that he is desperately hoping for with every step he takes together with her…

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Hello Kitty Halloween Nails

Would I? Naaaaahhh.....

You know it’s going to be an extraordinarily terrible holiday season when it begins with Hello Kitty nails being made worse than all the examples already out there (something that any normal person would assume would be impossible). Then again, one thing I have learned over the years is to never underestimate how bad Hello Kitty can make things, especially when you believe you have seen the worst. Thus, it should be of little surprise that someone thought that Hello Kitty Halloween nails would be a good idea:

hello kitty Halloween nails

Of course, if the intent is to scare the crap out of all those that come around, I guess I have to admit that they are rather effective. Who can’t image the worst of the worrs horror movie icons being just that more terrifying with a Hello Kitty Halloween manicure? I’m sure that I will continue to have nightmares about them for far too many times in the months to come…

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Farmland Alarm Clock

Haha! Hilarious!

Not all alarm clocks are created equal, and you can tell with this latest model from Firebox known as the Farmland Alarm Clock. What makes it so different from all the other standard ringers in the market? Well, for £14.99 a pop, you are able to wake up to the tunes of a farm, minus the smell of chicken poop as well as seeing a cow pee for minutes on end. This alarm clock will ensure you won’t have to be rudely awakened by the sounds of hustling and bustling city, where moos, baas and clucks will be the better alternative. Keeping it silent is yet another challenge as well, where you will need to remove the animal that corresponds with the wake up call from the picket-fenced ‘pasture’, followed by slotting it right above the large LCD display. Perfect for those who want something different in their bedrooms without looking out of place.

05 October 2010

Spam Baby!

I made Spam fried rice for lunch tomorrow... I got the thumbs up from the folks. And if you know my dad, it's not easy getting a thumbs up from him!

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Jimmy Carr: Arriving Early

Jimmy Carr: Arriving Early: "Actually, a couple of weeks ago, I failed to perform sexually. I'm not going to go into detail, but suffice it to say, I 'arrived early.' And my girlfriend said, 'Don't worry, that' happens to a lot of guys.' I said, 'There's two things the matter with that. Firstly, who are these 'a lot of guys,' and secondly, if it's happening to more than one of us, don't you think it could be your fault?'"

04 October 2010

Panasonic Pocket Doltz Sonic Toothbrush

Woo hoo! Now I don't have to carry that huge bulky electric toothbrush I have... It sure is pricey though. $71!!! I'll just stick with the free toothbrush I get from my dentist for now.

Those vibrating and whirring toothbrushes are very handy. They make sure that your teeth get cleaner without quite so much effort. The down side is that those sonic toothbrushes are so incredibly bulky they won’t fit in any conventional toothbrush holder nor will they fit inside of your average portable toothbrush container. Thankfully, there is this Panasonic toothbrush that is actually made to be portable.

These vibrate at over 16,000 strokes per minute or 267 every second. You could easily slip this tiny toothbrush into your pocket or a purse. These come in many different colors as you can see from the picture and it’s made to resemble a tube of mascara. To keep it up and running you’ll need all of one AAA battery. With that single battery it’ll stay alive for 180 brushings. You can purchase it for $71 through the Japan Trend Shop.

Writhing Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger

Good God! This is so gross! Lol.

Umbilical cord and iPhone are two things I couldn’t possibly see landing in the same sentence, much less a gadget article’s title. However, I should have known that the iPhone is capable of bridging all sorts of weird gaps. The media artist Mio I-zawa has managed to create the strangest iPhone accessory I’ve come across. Instead of plugging your iPhone into the usual cord, just imagine hooking it up to a squirming umbilical cord.

There is a full video of it in action here. Once it’s plugged in the cord squirms and looks like it’s trying to suck the life out of the iPhone, when in fact it’s restoring the iPhone back to life. Some morbid part of my brain wishes you couldn’t hear the electronic device moving so much. It almost kills the visual effect entirely, but it is still a cool gadget in all the wrong ways.

03 October 2010

Steak and Eggs

It's what's for dinner! Veggies? Who needs veggies when you have steak and eggs... Hehe.

No wonder I can't lose any weight.

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AT&T and T-Mobile will have cell coverage in NYC subway stations

Sure but it doesn't say WHEN it's going to start... I guess I'll just have to keep checking my phone while I'm underground.

New York City promised subway cell phone coverage five years ago, and Transit Wireless took up the $46 million banner in 2007 -- now, three years and a friendly British jab later, at least two major carriers are convinced it's actually going to happen. Bloomberg reports that T-Mobile and AT&T have both signed ten-year agreements to let their customers access Transit's subterranean wireless network, which should cover 277 NYC stations in the years to come. Critically, we're still talking about coverage at just the stations, not actually on board -- there's till no word on when we can expect the tubes themselves to boost our sorry reception bars.

Starbucks Dog of the Week

It's a bad angle, I didn't anticipate it being so crowded here at this time on a Sunday...

Don't people have places to go??

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02 October 2010

Mitch Fatel: Psychic Porno Spam

Haha! Thought this was hilarious....

Mitch Fatel: Psychic Porno Spam: "That porno spam is bad stuff, boy, because I want to delete it, but it's almost like they have a chip in my head or something. Because I get these emails -- they're like: 'Do you like hot, young girls in thigh-high stockings?' Yeah. 'Do you have a credit card?' I sure do. 'Do you want to add three inches onto your penis?' Who's been reading my diary?"

01 October 2010

Foreign Flick Fridays

Sorry for the lack of posts for the Foreign Flick Fridays.  Been so busy trying to get my life in order it's totally slipped my mind.  Enjoy!

Bright and bubbly Louise is up from the provinces to stay in Paris with her swanky sister, Martine.  Both sisters' lives seem well mapped out; a quiet life for Louise with a man she's crazy about, a non-stop social whirl for Martine with a husband she cordially detests.  Louise has written a book and is in town for a make-or-break meeting with a publisher.  Envious visions of her sister as a successful writer, added to the weekend of tears, laughter, and reminiscing brings a roller coaster of emotions in this film.

Droid R2-D2 hands-on

It released this morning! All you geeks can now own one of these babies.

Look what landed in our galaxy this morning! You and your friends may be moaning about the recent news that Star Wars will have a 3D theatrical re-relase, but nobody's going to complain about the cute weirdness that is the Droid R2-D2 edition, now are they? No surprises here -- just hit the gallery below.