28 May 2009


Okay, so I don't know if I'm being sensitive or not but I had made a comment to my co-worker about coddling her son too much. I said that I think she should cut the umbilical cord already and let him go a little. He is going to high school this coming fall and she seems to still do almost everything for him. So she tells my boss' wife I said this and my boss' wife says to her, "Don't listen to her, what does she know. She doesn't have any kids. She doesn't know what coddling too much is." So of course I don't say anything to my co-worker or my boss' wife because in the end everyone at my office thinks I'm the asshole who talks out of her ass anyway.

Is it me? Whatever I guess...

25 May 2009

Memorial Day Dinner

Hmm, mmm, mmm. Who doesn't love ribs....


The peonies are coming out nicely in the front yard. Mom cut a couple and put it in the foyer to keep the other plants company.


So I was talking to Penny yesterday and she made some sourcream biscuits yesterday. This prompted me to try to make some too. I think they didn't come out as good the first time but they were still edible. (o:

20 May 2009

Poo Poo On Work

Today is the first day back after a long weekend.  I didn't do much over the weekend but it was nice nonetheless.  Went to a sample sale with Miss Audrey.  Got 3 Miss Sixty shirts for $45.  Woo hoo!  I loves me a good sample sale.  I think if I were the weight I wanted to be I would've attempted to try to stand in that horrendous line and try on some jeans.  But it was way too crowded anyway.  It took us about 1/2 hour to get in.  I'm glad I was off Monday so we could go early.  I think I'm pretty much done for shopping for the summer but I couldn't pass up the bargains.  I have to take pics of the stuff later when I get home.  My camera ran out of battery, bleh.  Miss Audrey bought a really cute white sundress.  I can't wait to see her in it.  So cute!

I came into work and saw a huge pile of stuff to do, I guess that's a good thing since then little man, my boss, will leave me alone.  Is it Friday yet?

18 May 2009

Mini Burgers

Had these burgers at a tiny burger joint in the west villiage with Miss Audrey. They were really good.

15 May 2009

Birthday Dinner

The Fabulous Miss Audrey at dinner for her birthday.

14 May 2009


I know I haven't really posted much on my blog lately.  Not that my life is oh so interesting but as the title suggests, I'm kind of in limbo right now.  

With no relationship to speak of and no events going on for the summer my life has gotten quite routine these past months.  I feel like I've been holding my breath for 35 years and am still waiting for a reason to just let it all out.  

I say 35 years because I remember when I was 4 and life was simple.  I wasn't even in school yet.  So I was saved from the ridicule of the other kids for being not one of the "cool ones."  Yes, always picked last for kickball, always made fun of for my clothes that were kind of mismatched (bless my mom's heart for always trying to do her best with a few dollars in her pocket), and always ostracized for being too sensitive, too fat, too uncool, too timid.  You fill in the blanks.  You know the one kid that everyone enjoyed picking on in school, simply because everyone else was doing it and no one wanted to be IT.

Well, IT has grown up to be a somewhat functioning adult in a somewhat disfunctional society.  I managed to not become a drug dealer, a junkie on the street or prostitude.  Although I don't think anyone would pay for me, if I could get 10 cents on the dollar for my ass I would be lucky.  Lol.  Joking, sort of.  Anyway, I guess I will still always feel that feeling of being the "odd person out."  Not sure why.  I question whether it's all in my head or not.  I can't help but question the motives of every boyfriend I've ever had.  When any of them has told me that they love me I always wonder if they just love me because I'm there for them no matter what and I would do anything for him.  Problem is that I'm always there for them and when I need someone I always find myself alone.  Just alone.  

I really should've known that my childhood was a precursor to how I will wind up as an adult.  I'm just socially awkward and will always be IT.  People tell  me that I could always change things and change my situation.  I somewhat agree with what they say, although I say we are inherently who we are inside.  We could all put on a front just to be a part of the "in crowd" and be who we really are when we're not with them.  I really don't want to be that way, I feel that's kind of compromising who I am.  I am who I am, unfortunately who I am is a little awkward or odd.    

What am I trying to say....  I think I'm just talking out of my ass.  What else is new...   


10 May 2009


Dessert came out quite good if I don't say so myself. Little complaint from Papa Yao which means it passed his "inspection." Phew. Isn't it terrible why I have to seek his approval all the time? Lol. I'll post the recipe when I get on the laptop.

Thai Crème Caramel

This recipe was very easy to do. not sure yet how they taste since we haven't easten dinner yet. updated post later. if it's good I'll post the recipe.

09 May 2009


My wants are hurting me! I really want the blingy version of this but this one will work too. hehe. Such a classic.  Cartier Santos Demoiselle... 

New Bobble

Went to Roosevelt Field with Audrey and bought these new earrings... I'm loving them!

01 May 2009