30 April 2011

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"Bear resting on the trail..."

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"Mike "glowing" at Cataract Falls"

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27 April 2011

Disney Wedding

Miss Audrey went to a wedding expo today and she brought home these pens. So cute!


Star Wars Chop Sabers

Ya know, if I didn't have so much crap in the house already these would be so cool.... lol.

I'm such a geek.

Forget about the power of the fork, you have the Force to help you pick up those slippery noodles from a bowl and shove them into your mouth – strand by strand, thanks to the Star Wars Chop Sabers. Of course, you can always choose to align yourself to the Light Side or the Dark Side, it doesn’t matter – after all, money is neutral, and as long as you decide to part with £9.99, Firebox is willing to let you have your pair of saber chopsticks of your choice.

You can choose from Darth Maul, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker models, where they can be pre-ordered for a May 9th release. Perfect for holding that geek party while ordering Chinese food from a nearby takeaway. Bear in mind that these are officially licensed products from Lucasfilm and hail from Japan, so you might even want to bring these over to your favorite Japanese restaurant the next time you head out to eat.

20 April 2011

Bear Doing His Mountain Lion Impression


The Vibrating Sauna Pants

I think I'm going to need a cigarette after this one....

We’ve seen some pretty wacky gadgets in the past but this must be right up there with the craziest, vibrating sauna pants.

The sauna pants are said to aid in the loss of excess water in the abdominal areas, or if having a hot sweaty crotch floats your boat these could be the pants for you.

You can (actually) buy the sauna pants from Taylor Gifts or Amazon. We need to thank RGS and Unique Daily for sharing this crazy stuff with us.

This Is A Mini Crossbow Made Of Gold

I must get one of these so I can shoot my coworkers when they annoy me. Hehehe.

For your morning edification I present to you without comment a mini-crossbow made of silver and gold. It can, if threatened, pop balloons.

14 April 2011

Disambigua rotating bath

So cool! But what if I want to take a shower?



This new concept design from DiciannoveDieclDesign is not only a great idea for tight spaces, but looks very sleek and futuristic. It may appear to be a regular bath tub, but then turn it over and it's a normal wash basin underneath.

Win the Throne Sweepstakes

Woo hoo! Please enter! Chance to win $10,000!

LEGO Boombox – no blocked up sound from this!

Yay LEGO! I love the kitsch-iness of it!

Everyone would surely have come across the perfectly shaped Danish bricks known as LEGO in their lifetime, with most of the involvement coming in when they’re a kid and with their kids many years down the road. Well, it seems that the brand isn’t going to die out anytime soon (far from it, since it is a toy that is limited by your imagination), as there is a new LEGO Boombox released to provide aural entertainment in a cubed form factor.

Retailing for £49.99, the LEGO Boombox is ten times the size of a standard eight stud LEGO brick, and it makes for the perfect living room ornament to boot. Apart from being aesthetically unique, the LEGO Boombox will also be able to handle DVDs, while the integrated AM/FM radio keeps you entertained after you’ve run out of CDs to listen to, as well as the ability to hook up to compatible MP3 players.

Interestingly enough, this device can also stack up with the LEGO Alarm Clock (yet another scaled-up LEGO device). The studs on top of the LEGO Boombox isn’t there for show only, since they can be manipulated to control the volume while tuning in to the AM/FM radio of your choice.

Digital Film analog-styled camera

Hmm, I agree... I don't know how well this would take off but it's definitely an interesting concept.


Digital cameras have given photographers, amateurs and everyday people alike so much more choice and freedom when it comes to the convenient editing, printing and sharing of their photos.

However, I'm sure there are plenty out there who miss the process of adding new rolls of film and waiting for them to develop, so deliberately chose older analog models for that exact reason. Well, The Digital Film camera concept from designer Park Hyun Jin attempts to re-ignite some of that old magic!

According to Park Hyun Jin's website, Digital Film can be added to this specially designed camera and then after pressing the shutter like usual, the light makes an image shown on CCD. When the film winding lever is then pressed the image will be saved. Then the camera can become ready for the next picture.


This is a really innovative idea and I'm sure many people wouldn't want to give up their digital cameras but are looking for a way to recreate the same quality and experience from using an analog film cameras.

Does this remind you of a movie???

It's a sweet commercial.  I do have to admit it was moving, but somehow I recall a movie being made that this reminds me of.....

12 April 2011

Suwappu augmented reality toy app

I thought this was hilarious.....

Augmented reality technology has been used as part of many apps and promotions over the past few year.
However, this has to be one of our favourite uses, an augmented reality toy concept devised by London design company Berg and Japanese ad agency Dentsu.

iPhone Photo Printer

For those of you who have iPhones.... neat thing to have since the iPhone takes such great photos....

So you use your iPhone’s camera a whole lot – what are you going to do with the digital library of images that you have amassed over time? Surely you aren’t going to just let it be stashed away in some hard drive somewhere, do you? How about printing those photos out for physical reminder of those memories? Instead of going through the tried-and-tested method of transferring photos to a computer and using a printer to churn out some copies, here is the self-explanatory iPhone Photo Printer.

This $159.95 purchase is the first of its kind that delivers photo quality pictures straight from a docked iPhone or iPod touch, without the need for special software or computer. Of course, the downside is you can’t edit those photos, but then again the iPhone takes pretty decent images in the first place. Heck, there aren’t even ink cartridges to worry about, since it prints crystal-clear 300 dpi resolution pictures with vibrant colors thanks to a patented paper that has been embedded with yellow, magenta, and cyan dye crystals.

These photos printed out are smudge- and tear-proof, fade- and water-resistant, so that ought to deliver some peace of mind to you. It will also play nice with Android phones (now isn’t that surprising?), the iPad and its successor. Each purchase is accompanied by one paper pack that delivers up to a dozen prints.

10 April 2011

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"Avoir Eiffel Tower, avoir"

PY in Paris

Is that the Eiffel Tower lurking behind?

It is the Eiffel Tower!

To Kindle or to Nook

You know I never thought I was an eBook kind of gal.  There was always something about turning the pages of a book and the smell of printed paper.  One of my favorite sagas is coming out on HBO as a new epic miniseries by author George R.R. Martin.  I just love these books, so much so that I've read the first 4 books twice.  I am anxiously awaiting the new release in July (A Dance With Dragons).

So back to my original thought, I have thought about purchasing the new book when it finally comes out in paperback, because lugging around a 1200 page book is just hell on one's shoulder.  Until my friend let me fiddle around with his Kindle.  Of course the geek in me now wants one.  It's seems so practical and my whole library is in this little device.  So naturally I looked on both the Amazon website and the Barnes and Noble website to compare.... crap.  SO hard to decide.  Color is quite an attractive feature but they're pretty much comparable in all other features.  And you know I would never have even thought about it if the dang books were on average 900 to 1200 pages long....

What to do???

09 April 2011

Bear in Underwear

PY saw this in the bookstore at the SFO airport. Too funny! I'm going to look on Amazon so I can see the illustrations inside the book.


07 April 2011

G-1 Glass Pool Table

Yeah... I don't know about this.... something about the green felt...

So you want to let the rest of the world know that you’ve arrived on the world stage, fat paycheck and all. How about making sure your pad stands out from the rest with the G-1 Glass Pool Table? As you can tell by its name, this pool table is going to wow and dazzle visitors to your home, and they need not rack up a set of balls on old school wood and slate – no sir, instead they will rack up on an ultra modern design that is built-to-order.

Boasting of a lightweight skeletal frame with a full visible ball return mechanism, quality is there for all and sundry to see including BCA-spec pockets and K-66 bumpers. At a pocket burning £34,999 for one of these puppies, it is nice to know that you can choose from a range of powder-coated colors to suit your fancy. Of course, one does wonder whether magic has gone into its creations since a glass surface probably can’t replicate the rolling resistance of baize.

Science says no, which is why the G-1’s toughened glass will come topped with a patented Vitrik playing surface, now how about that?


This is a little clip that my father forwarded to me.

Matt Braunger: Cadbury Creme Eggs

Hahaha! So obnoxious!

Matt Braunger: Cadbury Creme Eggs: "Male comics are always coming up to me, and they're like, 'Hey, Natasha, don't you think you're a little attractive to be a comedian?' And I'm like, 'Don't you think you're a little ugly to be talking to me?'"

This LEGO Lunchbox Wants Nothing More Than To Hold Your PB&J

This is so cool... I wish I weren't so lazy I would pack my lunch every day.

Bring the fun of interlocking bricks to the cafeteria. This officially-licensed LEGO lunchbox isn’t anything fancy, but it’s a sure fire way to meet fellow brickheads. (Is that what LEGO nuts are called?) The only downside I can see from my post on top of a LEGO mountain is that it’s only available in certain countries and that doesn’t include the US of A. [Firebox via Technabob]

02 April 2011

Hello Kitty Deodorant – Pussy Wind

Err, I don't know how to feel about this....

All I know is that it better smell better than mine if I have to pay for it. LMFAO!!!

Seriously, the one thing that you quickly realize living in Hello Kitty Hell is that there is no possible way that you can make up the Hello Kitty crap that exists out there. While I am not usually a fan of Hello Kitty merchandise, there are still those rare instances when Hello Kitty goes to levels so absurd that I believe for a second that she might actually do herself in. Case in point, the new Hello Kitty deodorant which is aptly named Pussy Wind (I kid you not)

Hello Kitty Pussy Wind deodorant

Of course, the problem with my initial thoughts of imminent Hello Kitty doom at such an unfortunate name is that Hello Kitty Pussy Wind deodorant is sure to be a wild success. It is so terribly names that every Hello Kitty collector out there will have to have it in her collection.

I really don’t even want to take a guess at what demographic the evil feline is going after with this one and I am terrified to even imagine what what the fragrance actually smells like (although a part of me is sure that someone at Sanrio said, “hey, don’t you think that coming up with a deodorant for all the fans that use the Hello Kitty vibrator would be a good idea?” and everyone enthusiastically agreed.) All I really know is that this can’t be good for Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in first by Mikael along with far too many others...

01 April 2011

Crinkled Cup Glass, For Your Modernist Beverage Needs

I love designy things....

The original ceramic crinkled cup has been around for decades, but this glass version is, if anything, better. Sure to get lots of comments at parties.

You know, parties, where your friends come over and hang out. You know, your friends. Oh. Oh, I see. Me neither.