29 June 2010

Pivot Power Creative Outlet

Now this is something that I would definitely get. Such a cool concept.

Power strips never want to budge, they just stay stick straight. Well thankfully Quirky Products is offering a new solution. This one will be able to move and conform to any shape that pleases you. It’ll make stashing it into small spaces a whole lot easier than the straight strips. You can even just put it in a zig-zag shape for silly decorative reasons.

Being a Quirky product you get to feel more like you’re a part of the process. It shows you just how many units of the bunch have been sold and how much money is going to each of the inventors and contributers involved in the making of this odd little power strip. These are currently up for pre-sale for $23 through Quirky.

28 June 2010

White iPhone 4: early DIY edition, with a touch of black

Ewww, it's ugly....

Sorry, we couldn't wait -- having spent 11 hours on the streets waiting for the iPhone 4, it's only natural to give our precious new toy some extra special care. With the help of iFixit's teardown guide, we decided to take the plunge with our steaming hot Chinese delivery -- a white front cover (with a shiny proximity sensor area above the earpiece), a white back cover (with 'XXXXX' marked as the model number, ergo a prototype), and a Retina Display unit. Alas, there weren't any white buttons in stock at the time, but let's pretend this black-and-white combo is the new cool. Read on to find out how the surgery went.

P.S. -- We've had many readers asking where we got the parts, but the link's already in the post. Knowing some Chinese helps, too.

DC in the Meatpacking District!


My friend Emily had this post on her blog...

DC in the Meatpacking District!: "Greenwich St and Ganesvoort.


12 June 2010

Swing Clock hypnotizes guests

This is kind of a cool, I would get it for my apartment, as soon as I get one... lol.

If you ever wanted a clock capable of stopping your guests in their tracks, then this is definitely the ticket. Just seeing the clock out of the corner of my eye while I type is enough to make me just a little bit dizzy. Sure, it probably won’t put them in a trance, but it’ll at least keep your evenings interesting. I’d just advise not putting this above the TV or anything else that you tend to look at for long periods though.

This eye catching clock offers quiet and smooth operation and can used anywhere you like. If you happen to hold some kind of job position with power it’d be fun to put it directly above your head. Then you can hypnotize all of your employees or at the very least put them in a little bit of a daze. You can purchase the clock through Think Geek for $19.99.

06 June 2010

Acoustic Immersion Pod

It seems awkward for me to just sit there and listen to music without doing something else. Music is usually something I turn on when I have to clean or do some other tedious activity. It's a cool thing none the less.... :)

Want to get the best out of your music? If you’re seriously considering upgrading your home audio system with money being no object, how about the Acoustic Immersion Pod from Hammacher? This uniqe pod will immerse a listener in an acoustically optimized chamber, where it offers an enveloping audio experience with its robust six-speaker surround sound system. Inside, you will find it lined with open-cell acoustic foam, similar material used in recording studios which will deflect, disperse, and absorb sound waves, helping create a personal sound environment which will not annoy those nearby especially if you’re a huge fan of manufactured pop music living in a household who loves classical tunes. The Acoustic Immersion Pod offers a frequency response of 20 Hz-20 kHz for a full range of sound ideal for movies, sporting events, music, or games. You can choose from a Red shell with red foam or Black with gray foam, where either color will make your bank account $3,000 lighter.

04 June 2010

William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer?

My pops sent me the link to this video on cancer.  It kind of makes you understand your body a little better and why these things happen.  I never thought at my age I would know so many who lost their battle with this disease.

Alarm Clock Tea Maker

I'm thinking I would buy this....

This has to be the strangest combination gadget ever and yet I could see it becoming very handy. Instead of waking up to an obnoxious beep, you could wake up to that beep noise and quickly recover with a nice hot cup of tea. Of course maybe you should keep away from the chamomile, it’s probably best not to do anything that might help you fall back to sleep.

If you like instant coffee instead of tea, it can do that as well. Should you be a tea fan though it’ll require 2 of your favorite tea bags and your own cup and saucer set. You just put either your mix or tea bags into the teapot the night before and fill up the Teasmade with cold water. A few minutes before the alarm it’ll boil the water and then the alarm will go off after the water is finished. You can purchase it for £59.99 or about $88 through MenKind.

01 June 2010

Foreign Flick of the Week

This posting is a little late since Monday was a holiday for us and I really didn't do much except lounge with my friend and her family in Jersey.  It was nice to get out of the city for a change.  I've been working six days a week so it was a welcomed mini-vacation from NY.

Description:  Based on a novel by Julia Alvarez and inspired by the true story of the three Mirabel sisters who were murdered, in 1960, for their part in an underground plot to overthrow the dictatorship of General Trujillo in the Dominican Republic.