31 August 2009

Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity

Recently I've been watching a lot on Hulu. Ran across this film with Sandra Oh, it's a very sweet romantic comedy but make sure you break out the box of tissues before you sit down!

I have to say she's one of my favorite Asian actresses. She neither is the most beautiful or the most sexy person but she is an awesome actress who is real. Enjoy!

30 August 2009


Too graphic? Or does it get the point through? What's your opinion?

29 August 2009

Mini Mini!

I still love the way the cars look when there are more than one of them. we're at the House of Ong for dinner tonight.

24 August 2009


This is what's left of our Crumbs cupcakes after 5 monutes on the Yao dinner table. Ha!

16 August 2009

Sunday Dinner

Yummy. PY is home for the weekend and Dad cooked dinner for us. Stewed pig leg and mayonaise shrimp. Hey waaaaait a second... what are those chopsticks doing in the pics?? Bad PY! can't wait 'til I'm done with the pics!

10 August 2009


My friends Melissa & Anthony took me to IchiUmi for dinner this weekend. good stuff. All you can eat sushi and some cooked foods. I am usually skeptical about eating at those all you can eat sushi places but it was actually super fresh and yummy.