18 September 2012

Hello Kitty Chia Pet

For all of you 70's kids, remember these??  So Awesome!  This goes on my Christmas list.

If there was ever a doubt (which there certainly shouldn’t exist at this point) that the evil feline was willing to do absolutely anything to earn a buck (do we really need to revisit the whole Hello Kitty vibrator incident?), we now have an additional piece of evidence: The Hello Kitty Chia Pet — seriously, you can’t make this crap up…

Hello Kitty Chia Pet

As much as I despise the one with no mouth, I may actually buy one of these for my wife. Before you faint in shock, take a minute to think about it. If I am going to have to live with her presence in every aspect of my life, having her grow a green mop of Chia hair puts me in the perfect position where I can mock her back as she mocks me. Such goes the reasoning when you have lived as long as I have in Hello Kitty Hell…
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